This Hilarious Prometheus 'Training' Video Explains Why Everything Went So Very Wrong

Sci-fi horror flicks (well, horror movies in general) usually abide by certain tropes and Prometheus is no exception. While the characters in Ridley Scott's latest space epic might be slightly wiser than those that came before them, when the bizarre decisions do come, you can't help but wonder if the crew took some sort of special course to ensure that alien encounters go south at faster-than-light speeds.

This video, by parody group Barely Political, showcases how such a course would be conducted. You have the chirpy, borderline delusional instructor; various scientists asking sane questions and receiving unhelpful and often deadly answers and finally, the poor sap who doesn't even last the couple of minutes the video runs for.

In short, it's a funny take on the obvious missteps in Prometheus — and the genre in general. The clip does contain very mild spoilers, though if you haven't seen the movie you might not notice them.

[YouTube, via Roger Ebert's Journal]

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