This Cockroach Defies The Laws Of Physics

Scientists have discovered that cockroaches can change directions and body orientation instantly when trying to escape predators, flipping upside down and front to back while running at full speed, without giving a damn about gravity or physics. Check this freaky video.

What's more surprising is that they will not be able to do it if you shave their legs. No sexy legs for cockroaches. The trick is also due to the scale -- according to the researchers, "small animals benefit from the advantages of enhanced manoeuvrability".

Scientists have used this discovery to develop tiny robots that can do exactly the same thing.

Oh, and geckos do it too, but geckos are cute. Cockroaches are the most disgusting things on Earth. [PlosOne]

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    "without giving a damn about gravity or physics” Um….. aren’t they just hooking the claws on their hind legs into the edge and flipping around? Why is this ignoring physics?

      Quite obviously they are Matrix cockroaches!

      Neo.... it's future talk for Roach!

      "Why is this ignoring physics?" If you read through the actual research paper physics (rotational inertia and pendulum models) is used as the explanation, but I suppose that's not a very exciting headline...

        What I want to know is who gives the cockroaches the blue or red pill?

    All I want to know is did they shave a Gecko's legs :-)

    Dude... humans do this... it's called bridge swinging... well nearly do it.

    Ok, so the headline is blatantly ridiculous, but at least the video is cool to watch.
    I'd read about this on another "science" website, but the lazy buggars didn't include any video.
    Thanks for at least showing me the video.
    Now just stop using silly tabloid style headlines. It lowers the credibility of the articles and the poster of said articles.

    Bogus headline as you knew it had to be. Lucky they didn't do anything to the gecko.

    I'm more concerned about the person who thought "HEY! What if we shave its legs!?"

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