This Clever Pot Waters Itself

Nobody kills house plants on purpose, but if you're likely to forget to water your ferns or herbs, this clever planter by designer Joey Roth could save you some grief. It's not fancy, newfangled technology — just an ancient concept re-imagined.

The planter is made from unglazed clay that's naturally porous. It consists of two sections: a centre chamber that stores water, and a doughnut-shaped pot for the soil and plants. You just fill up the centre chamber with water, and it'll slowly diffuse into the surrounding soil. As Roth points out, porous clay vessels have been used forever as a form of irrigation in climates that don't get a lot of rain. Ancient technique, meet your modern, domestic reincarnation. The planter is currently available for pre-order for $US45. [Joey Roth via TreeHugger]



    What stops the water leaking onto the bench if its made from porous clay?

    And if you are like me, you will forget to top up and the plants will die anyway. Had this trouble with the plastic ones, now I have plastic plants, that get covered with dust

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