This Bamboo Globe Is As Gorgeous As It Wants The Planet To Be

If you want to raise worldwide awareness about the environment through your design, you should probably do so in an environmentally friendly way, right? And if you want to save the Earth, you might as well put it on display.

This globe designed by Fabio Lucian for Danish designer Kristoffer Zeuthen is made entirely out of bamboo. Even the base it sits on is made of bamboo, and the white steel rod holding up is at an angle to reflect the Earth's natural tilt. The typeface is simple, the surface is smooth and the whole thing is beautiful.

Of course, if it was just a bamboo globe it might not be nearly as impressive, but it's actually outfitted with a light inside so it can double as a lamp. [Kilo Zulu via designboom]


    The globe does indeed look pretty, but the stand is poor aesthetics. He has the circular globe shape, a circular stand and the wriggly natural continent shapes and then that rigid straight rod as the stand detracting. It would be very easy to design a better alternative there.

    Leaving Tibet off the map makes it a bit harder to talk about the damage to the environment that China has caused through their development, mining and migration activities.

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