These Are The Graphics That Gaming PCs Shall Be Judged By

FutureMark, the folks behind the 3DMark performance benchmark, will have a new gaming benchmark for PCs out later this year and that trailer above is its tech demo. As you can see, the future of video game graphics would seem to depend on lots of swirling fire embers.

A news release from FutureMark said the next 3DMark will be the first unified benchmark allowing for testing of of DirectX 9, 10 and 11-capable hardware through a single API. That's DirectX 11 above. The new benchmark is expected to release sometime after the launch of Windows 8.

In case you're wondering what the hell you are watching, this is the official description of the tech demo's trailer.

In the trade town of Scarport, buildings cling to canyon walls above canals of lava and provide shelter from the toxic volcanic atmosphere. Gaudy neon signs flicker as steam rises from the molten rivers running beneath the town. A trader walks along ledges carved from the volcanic rock, smoke swirling around her flowing cloak. Her robotic sentinels keep watch, but what dangers lie hidden in the shadows?

There's then a bunch of stuff about "intelligent tessellation", "advanced volumetric lighting using real-time light scattering", "fluid dynamics simulation" and "ambient occlusion". Looks purty to me.

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    Meh. I wasn't that impressed.

      It's a benchmark test- it's only going to be as good as the hardware you're using (and format etc.). It looks pretty cool on my SG3 so would like to see it on next gen console hardware.

        It's a youtube vid OF the benchmarker though, so who knows how it really looks on an SG3?

    Looks pretty current-gen, although i doubt a compressed video stream truly does it justice.
    Model design and environments look fairly standard in comparison to the complexity of todays games.

      It's a really lame looking scene, but looks aren't the point, it's the complexity under the hood that it takes to produce the scene. Current games have great design that allows them to look good without taxing game system requirements into the ground: games look more complex but aren't.

    No way was that 1080p HD, looked horrible, more like 480 and I'm running a Radeon HD 7970 with a 120hz 23" monitor.

      If you want to see it in proper HD, try changing the youtube resolution, because the 1080p stream was most definitely 1080p. I'm not sure what your GPU or monitor have to do with it though.

    Yeah hello is that 2012, we think you have our benchmark, return Plz.

    that is going to look awesome at 4fps on my computer, all that extra time to appreciate the detail of the rendered cloth, etc.

    still, go AMD, just go. and take the catalysts with you.

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