Theon Greyjoy Talks Game Of Thrones Piracy

Australia loves Game of Thrones, and it's no secret that we'll do almost anything to get our hands on the latest episodes, even if it means breaking the law. You'd imagine that everyone involved with the smash-hit swords and arrows epic would have an issue with the theft of their work, but it seems that Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), for one, isn't fussed by the idea of downloading the show.

TorrentFreak recently ran statistics that name Australians as the worst offenders for pirating the TV-adaptation of George R.R. Martin's epic book series.

Based on an analysis of one episode, 10.1 per cent of all the people downloading it called Australia home, and it's getting worse. More people now download the HBO show illegally than watch it on TV, with 3.9 million downloads per week versus 3.8 million HBO viewers.

Speaking at Supanova Sydney yesterday, Alfie Allen, who plays the often disliked Theon Greyjoy on the show, gave a brief but telling insight into his attitudes on pirating the show.

My view on it is, is you know, I guess it's the same as music. Music should be out there and available to the people. But at the same time, HBO pay my wages, so go buy the DVDs.

A brief statement, but a statement nonetheless. It's not going to hold up in court if you say Theon Greyjoy told you to do it, but it certainly gives us a small insight into how the issue is perceived on-set.

Image: HBO, Luke Hopewell

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    I'm not getting foxtel, just so I can watch this amazing show. There is no other way.

      Apparently on iTunes Australia a week and a day after US, Foxtel is a week after US

        Download it, if you like it, buy it on DVD when it's released. Give back to those who entertain you.

          I agree with this, the only issue is even if you buy it you are still counted as a lost sale by the company.

            That's a pointless metric since people who watch HBO at a friend's house are technically a 'lost sale' as well. It's totally legal but has exactly the same economic impact as downloading the thing.

        Having to buy an AppleTV to watch doesn't seem any better than having to pay for foxtel. $35 a month for streaming foxtel with the showtime package added on.

      second that. Also, I'm not paying $70 a month only to have to watch fucking adverts in the middle of the show.

        No ads for game of thrones on fox. It's on the movie channel pure HD awsomeness

      I have Foxtel but what disgusts me, is that this is only available on the MOVIES package. It should be available to all subscribers of the BASIC pack.

        Showtime package, which is showcase, a TV channel with the latest high quality shows, and showtime premier, the new release movie channel.

        I'd happily not have the basic package at all, bunch of rubbish channels.

    Bought Series One and will buy Series Two when it comes out.
    Happy to pay to continue the production of great content.
    I'd even be happy to pre-pay for Series Three, Kickstarter style!

      Interestingly, Allen said that he has no idea if he's in season three or not. He's looking around NY and LA for backup work if it all falls through.

        If the final episode is anything to go by then, yes, hes in season 3.

          Reeek, Reeeeek it rhymes with... sneak peak?

        Hasn't he read the books?

          I read an article saying that a lot of the actors haven't actually read all the books yet because they don't want to know what happens to their character before they play it. They think it may impact on their acting style if they knew.


            What do you mean "too long don't read". He just said it in laymens terms for you asspie. It doesn't get any simpler.

              No, I think he means the actors tl:dr'd at the books! :)

      I regularly, illegally download the episodes, less than 6 hours after they are shown in the US. Then, I bought the season one Blurays, and I'll buy the season two ones as well. I don't understand why companies don't get what drives piracy? If I could pay a fair fee to watch this, when it comes out (not a week later, that's complete BS), in good quality, on my HDTV, I would.

      The oatmeal has already said this way better than I could.


          rhymes with torrentfreak ;-0

            + 1 for Reek rymes with torrentfreak

    For one, downloading a show is not piracy. Piracy is the theft of a tangible product, or the conveyance of its approximation. A compressed stream is not an approximation.
    For one, digital piracy can actually help a product gain wider recognition. Its actually a well known fact that Windows would never have been as popular today if Windows 3.x wasnt the most copied/pirated software in history. This also works with TV shows. Nobody downloads tv shows because they are too poor to afford them. They download them because they either are locally unavailable and/or it is FAR more convenient to have a video file/stream than physical media.

      What? Your definition of piracy is awfully skewed. Define "tangible".
      Whatever format you get it it, you are receiving a derivative of the original edited video (I'm talking the master film here) that was distributed by HBO. If you don't have permission for that derivative, or that derivative work is not sanctioned by HBO, you are infringing their interpretation of copyright.

        This is how I've always viewed it, let me know if I am wrong:
        Using torrents is piracy, because you are seeding out that data as well as downloading it. If you just download it, you are a thief. If you then give a copy of what you stole to a friend, yes then you are a pirate.

          It's only an offence in Australia if you make profit from on-selling it.

    Time and time again we see these stories and the same comments will most probaly follow this post as they have done in the past. This makes them no less valid.

    IF HBO was serious about making money they wouldn't be living in 1990 were people had no choice but wait..... we live in 2012 where we all see the trailers for great shows and of course want to see them!!! oh and not in 6 months when they hit the "box set" but in real time.

    If HBO simply offered up an alternative solution ie stream from their site at $2 an episode they'd have a couple of extra million from the people who don't mind paying but have no 2012 way of doing so.

      This again:

      you only have to wait a week to see it on austar/foxtel, although that didn't stop me from downloading it.
      I figure i've paid for it anyway (austar) so why not watch it when i want?

        Yeah that might be an option for those people who still own a TV. I havnt had a TV for over 5 years because of all the rubbish on TV, don't miss it one bit. I havnt used or owned a DVD player for 3 years either. Digital download is the way to go, Offer it at a fair price, on time, legally and I will happily pay.

        If you have Austar or foxtel. or more specificly, if you can afford it. having to buy all the packages so that you can watch the shows you want if pointless. What I was paying for Austar, pays for my internet and cost of a usenet subscription to allow me to download the shows I want to watch and give me the ability to watch them when I want. and enough left over to buy a heap of chips and softdrink to watch them with.

          Sorry, but if you can't afford to pay for it, you don't a free pass to watch it illegally.

          You may not like it, but you don't get to set the terms.

            No we don't get to set the terms and the terms are pretty shit to be quite honest.
            Which is why so many people have resorted to piracy. Piracy should be viewed as a failure of the responsible media parties, the distribution of movies is so cheap and easy these days that there is really no excuse for poor/a lack of service. We live in a day and age where we are not getting the service we want, we do something about it.

            EAD Greg. I am not afforded an easy cheap way to buy the show as each episode comes out. I can only hope they learn from this rampant piracy....that I may or may not be part of. You see on new Blu's now theyre putting on two more piracy warinings at the start. Way to go movie industry....driving more people to piracy. Dicks

              Wow they are so stupid thats part of the reason i stopped buying DVDs, way to punish the consumer.

    Netflix for Australia. Enough said.

      Not happening, Foxtel and Telstra own the local distribution rights and have these guys by the balls. Compare our neutered versions of Sony Crackle or BBC iView to the international versions. Same reason we don't have Hulu.

    TV Distributors... Take note... We are sick of your utterly stupid method of getting shows to us.

    "New Rule" (to borrow a quote from a TV show that I am not allowed to view because I don't live in north America)
    If the content you are buying/selling in Australia is more than 1 month old. Count on the fact that your audience has already seen it and will not bother watching it in an inferior format.

      i love how the local FTA networks show you ads for months in advance about some upcoming new show, like 'once upona time' . i think this is so you can download all the episodes before they actually air here. lol

    Mmmm fsck Austar/Foxtel. If you pay $130/month for payTV, you have too much money. Can't wait for FetchTV to get HBO.

    I bought the first season blurays and WILL buy the second season.
    I will always support TV shows where i can, but im not paying $70 a month for Foxtel for the priveledge...

    It would be nice if we could finally on demand same day access to shows like Game of Thrones.
    Foxtel have a habit of not playing seasons in order which drives me insane as well.

    I'd give them money just for putting George W Bush's head on a pike.

      Speaking of which, Season 2 is over and they just "discovered" the head from season one. Like a viral video this was a brilliant marketing tool. 99 % of the world would add a +1 to your comment. +1

    Don't own a tv. don't own a dvd player. Watched all of season 1 and 2 as they came out in the states from australia. Would purchase - couldn't / can't. And due to the nature of the net, and the saturation of US websites, if you waited for it to officially come out everything would be spoiled. So if you wanted to be an angel, chances are your experience would be ruined unless you decided to filter any website that posts information that is current in any way.

    Reality is the companies trying to make the cash have about 1cm of chalk lining every molecule in the brain.

    It surprises me actually that so many of the eleet wealthy in the world are so severely brain damaged. I have pondered part of the necessary ingredient of wealth is to have a very a majority share in stupidity.

    Fuck jofrey.

    I've just noticed that TV shows in the Australian iTunes store are now in 1080p!
    This seems to have happened in the last few weeks. this includes GoT, and older tv series too.
    Maybe I missed this announcement somewhere, but it was a surprise to me to discover this.
    Who needs to pay a premium for Foxtel HD now?

      The things that sucks though is that they are DRM laden. I bought an ep and my PC isn't specced well enough to play it, and I play all my HD stuff on PS3 in the loungeroom, but still can't play this. I have the old Apple TV but it can't play the 1080p content. :-(

    I can't believe that no one has made an iron price joke yet. Also he's a Greyjoy for f-sake of course he isn't fussed over piracy, he bloody well is one( so to speak). it's been said before, and I'll say it again.

    I pirated almost all of the first season 2 weeks ago.
    1 week ago I purchased the blu ray of season 1.

    maybe this says something more about the bullshit state of cable TV in Australia....

    I'd happily pay for it if I could get a HD version of it other than paying $60+ a month to Foxtel.

    Its not HBOs fault that this show is being downloaded illegally. Its the fault of Foxtel & the australian networks who dont screen the damn thing until months after its aired in the US*
    Once Oz TV has gotten around to showing it, I'll be getting it on DVD.

    *I know this isnt the case with season 2 as its airing now, but most of the time its true. eg walking dead.

      To be fair, they've gotten a lot better at it. Season 1 was screened in Australia half a year after the US, but season 2 is about a week after. It still sucks that we're not getting it the day after though.

    Like many others, I've infringed plenty of copyright in my time. But when a show's good, I'll buy it. I've never watched my Mad Men DVDs but I know that the artists deserve credit for their work, and encouragement to continue making worthwhile stuff.

    Give me HBO Go and I'll pay.

    Give me a cheap service where I can regularly download episodes of TV shows, Old and New that I want to watch instead of the vomitus pile of repeats, Lifestyle and Reality Shows from both free to air and Foxtel and I'll stop...
    I recently axed FOXTEL after paying for it over the last 2 years for this very reason. $100 odd a month to watch repeat after repeat even the Movie channels same handful of movies over and over.
    Then when I found myself starting to download TV shows and starting to rent DVD's again enough was enough... And what’s with Pay per view??? I'm already handing over a small fortune each month that shit should be free. If I wanted to pay an extra $5 to $7 dollars to watch a current Movie I'd axe the service and walk down to the local video store... Oh wait a sec... I just did...

    Well I bought HBO's complete DVD sets of the wire,curb your enthusaism and Sopranos and will buy game of thrones IF they finish the series and not cancel it like Deadwood or carnivale, yes I know that is a catch 22 situation but fuck em Ive spent like over $500 on their DVD's.

      Oh, and long live KING Jofrey!

        "long live KING Jofrey"!?! Are you a madman sir? Everybody knows that Jofrey must die a slow and painful death.

        The guy who plays Jofrey is an amazing actor, and is studying philosophy as well. Apparently he smokes a pipe on the set of GoT when not filming.

    I can't stand giving money to companies who want to change the laws of Australia to protect an ancient business model.

    Especially when they want to do it by surreptitious means like ACTA and TPP, and by economic bullying (see: Spain and Canada) when the first doesn't work.

    Has no one figured that HBO makes their money from syndication rights? Having the most pirated show in history gives them the opportunity to up their rates for season three. The more you pirate the show, the more they can charge the networks.

    They really dont care you, as consumers get the show. You don't pay them any money directly. Its the networks that pay. And the higher the demand for the show, the more the networks are willing to pay.

    So your piracy is actually good for HBO. Welcome to economics of the digital age.

    I have downloaded and watched many HBO shows and when they become available on DVD/Bluray I buy them. I know its not legal but I buy what I download when the lords upon high at HBO deem it appropriate to allow us in australia to buy their content. I now have all of the wire on DVD and the first 4 seasons of true blood on Bluray and the first season on GoT on Bluray. If I could obtain the shows legally in australia in a timely fashion and at a high quality (HD) I would. I am happy downloading to watch now with the full intention of buying the content on Bluray later. I think this is more than fair.

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