Theon Greyjoy Talks Game Of Thrones Piracy

Theon Greyjoy Talks Game Of Thrones Piracy

Australia loves Game of Thrones, and it’s no secret that we’ll do almost anything to get our hands on the latest episodes, even if it means breaking the law. You’d imagine that everyone involved with the smash-hit swords and arrows epic would have an issue with the theft of their work, but it seems that Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), for one, isn’t fussed by the idea of downloading the show.

TorrentFreak recently ran statistics that name Australians as the worst offenders for pirating the TV-adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s epic book series.

Based on an analysis of one episode, 10.1 per cent of all the people downloading it called Australia home, and it’s getting worse. More people now download the HBO show illegally than watch it on TV, with 3.9 million downloads per week versus 3.8 million HBO viewers.

Speaking at Supanova Sydney yesterday, Alfie Allen, who plays the often disliked Theon Greyjoy on the show, gave a brief but telling insight into his attitudes on pirating the show.

My view on it is, is you know, I guess it’s the same as music. Music should be out there and available to the people. But at the same time, HBO pay my wages, so go buy the DVDs.

A brief statement, but a statement nonetheless. It’s not going to hold up in court if you say Theon Greyjoy told you to do it, but it certainly gives us a small insight into how the issue is perceived on-set.

Image: HBO, Luke Hopewell