The Old And New MacBook Pro Compared

Compare the size: the old MacBook Pro on the left versus the next-generation MacBook Pro on the right. The new laptop is much thinner than the old one. Have a look.

These are the numbers, old vs new:

Height: 0.95 inches (2.41cm) vs 0.71 inches (1.8cm) Width: 14.35 inches (36.4cm) vs 14.13 inches (35.89cm) Depth: 9.82 inches (24.9cm) vs 9.73 inches (24.71cm) Weight: 5.6 pounds (2.56kg) vs 4.46 pounds (2.02kg)

And seven hours of battery? And 8GB? And 256GB SSD? And retina graphics? I can't wait to get my hands on it.



    New MacBook Pro hehe hehe... yeehah. Bring it on. Bring it on.
    seven hours of battery? And 8GB? And 256GB SSD? And retina graphics he he he...


    but no dedicated network interface... viva la dongle!

    Is there only one USB port?! Or have they put another on the other side or something...googling...

      Ah, 2nd port on the other side. Interesting that there's two thunderbolt ports as well as a dedicated HDMI port.

    I must commend Apple for shrinking the Pro line down to borerline Ultrabooks with dedicated graphics, however, Retina display in a laptop???????????? Battery life would have been phenomenal with even a full HD screen.

    At least the donlge is still gigabit and isnt that large, still its another thing to lug around. I have to say but ethernet is something that should be there. optical i can live without but ethernet come on apple, some of us like fast network speeds with little latency etc.

      But leaving in the Ethernet port means that they would not be able to reduce the overall size of the machine. The extra size and weight added just by leaving it in would easilt outweight the size and weight added by a dongle... People keep throwing their arms up about there not being an ethernet port but dont seem to take this into consideration, completly backwards to leave it in.

    so do you reckon they will phase in a slim shape 13 inch in a few months time after 15 inch sales have peaked?

      No, I am pretty sure the MacBook Air is the full-time replacement for the old MacBooks.

        yeah i realise that, but i thought they would bring in a new 13inch pro aswell, maybe in a few months, once the less popular 15 inch has got some attention

    I just noticed they changed the mag safe port, that is hugely annoying.

    There had better be some sort of benefit.

      There's a $12AU adapter if you need to use the old power cables.

        ...I should add, the benefit is its lower profile which probably matters somewhat for the lower profile systems.

    Don't wanna Apple hate too much but:

    - Retina Display.....Really? What's wrong with 1080P? Or even 1440 that you had?? Battery Hog much?
    - It's slimmer.....great. It still looks like a MacBook Pro, which haven't changed style in....5 years?
    - Specs- Nothing a decent Ultrabook can't compete with.

    I was hoping for something more....iPadish. They seem to have lost their sparkle since Jobsie has gone...

    I'd be interested to see the power consumption of the new screen compared with the old. There's no insurmountable reason why it should be higher.

    A 650 is nowhere near good enough with that screen res. anything that goes close it using (full 3d games = gone) it will be so much fail either that or not run at native which is worse.

    i would have gotten it....
    but no CD drive that just changed my mind!

    Macs arent for playing games remember. they are for...doing work?...oh...nope thats not it are for...christ. what do you use them for? ahhh..internet surfing. its the most advanced internet surfer out there...except you cant do all the things that make the internet fun. but its still awesome cause doing nothing is so clear!

      Ummm... Walk into any creative agency and take a look at what they are using.

        +1, and I'm a pcfag.

    Now if it came with Windows, I'd be sold

      You're kidding me right? You'd buy a ridiculously overpriced laptop and NOT use OSX which is the whole point of spending so much money. You can run windows on it anyway, just need to buy it separately.

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