The Nine Most Secure Phones On Earth

Before you could just install your own NSA-level security suite on your smartphone, securing lines demanded hardware. From cabinet-sized cipher machines to the eavesdrop-evading combat radios, our friends at Oobject have assembled nine of the coolest secured handsets in American history.

Be sure to also check out these vintage spy radios, these brick-phones, and some awesome retro videophones.

Moscow Washington Red Hotline Telephone Used During Carter Administration

In some ways this is an anti-crypto device since the introduction of the famous hotline was as a result of the time taken to decode messages during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

STU-1 Secure Phone Desk Set, 1970S

Called the Stew phone, three models were produced, until the current STE set replaced them in 2008.

STU III Phone, 1987-2008

The picture shows Bush using the phone after the 911 attacks.

Current US Secure Phone, STE, 2008 On

This replaces and is backward compatible with the STU-III

SIGSALY Secure Speech System Used In WWII

SINCGARS Secure Combat Net Radio, US Present Day

STU-II Secure Phone, US, 1980S To Present

Shown here is both the headset and the secure message hardware, below.

Navajo-I Secure Travel Phone For US Govt Officials 1980S

KY-3 Secure Phone, NSA 1960S

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