The Hyperjuice Plug: Two iPads, One Charger

If you travel with a bunch of gadgets, this one's for you. Accessory maker Sanho has dropped the HyperJuice Plug, a charger capable of juicing up two iPads at a time.

The company claims it's the world's first 15,600mAh battery pack that can fuel a pair of Apple tablets simultaneously. Its dual ports equally distribute 15W to two devices. It comes in six different colours, it's compact, and it has a retractable wall plug, all of which make it pretty easy to throw in your suitcase or carry-on. This little guy ships in two weeks and will cost you $US130, which isn't a terrible price if it means you can get rid of all those tangled cords and big bricks you're used to. [Hyper Shop via Engadget]

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