The Hardest Part Of Making A Nuclear Bomb

Nuclear bombs are easy to make, right? Find some uranium, shove in some explosives and -- BOOM! -- you're quite literally done. Um, sorry, nope. The big problem in making a nuclear bomb is that you need enriched uranium, and that's actually a real pain in the arse to make.

In this video, the engineering guy Bill Hammack explains why that's the case -- and why it means that, fortunately, nuclear weapons aren't as widespread as you might expect. [YouTube]


    I believe the US has developed a laser-based technique which makes it "easy" to enrich uranium.

    The process for "easy" enrichment of uranium is named SILEX; SILEX was developed in Australia by the CSIRO. SILEX is an acronym for Separation of Isotopes by Laser Excitation. The US did not develop SILEX.

    Dirty bombs on the other hand....

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