The Best iOS 6 Features Nobody's Talking About

iOS 6, your cup runneth over. The new future brain of your iPhone and iPad is lovelier than ever, and chock full of new features worth gabbing about. But what about the unsung stuff? Here are the coolest quiet additions.

Wake up to a song

Marimba gets a little stale. Now you can select any song on your iPhone as an alarm from within the Clock app. Ride of the Valkyries works well, as does anything by Waka Flocka. Beach House and Fiona Apple aren't quite as conducive to getting your arse out of bed. There have been apps offering this for years, but now it's built in, and built in is better.

Easier, prettier sharing menu

The old one was ugly! It was just a drab list! Now, if you want to share that photo you just took, you're presented with a neat graphical grid of services -- email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS -- your pick. It's easier to scan, ergo easier to share.

Power privacy

This one's simple: there's now a list in settings of all the apps that have requested access to your location, contacts, calendars, reminders and photos. Turn access on or off as you see fit.

Remodelled iTunes/App Stores

Talk about stale! The stores on your phone were never easy to get around: too many lists, too many sections, too much scrolling. In iOS 6 they get a chic makeover, highly reminiscent of the glamorous Apple TV storefront. The new stores also add clever horizontal scrolling through lists and categories, which is less of a pain and allows for a more digestible spread of information on a non-television screen. Featured albums, apps, videos and the like are all sorted together with big graphics. It won't cost you any less, but you'll spend less sanity on your downloads.

Your (weird) words saved in the cloud

If you repeatedly use a word that's not in Apple's standard dictionary -- like "scootbooty" -- your phone will stop trying to correct you and just add it to the list of real words. Now this list of all your slang, inside jokes and abbreviations will be stored on iCloud forever, across devices.

A modern iPod

The Music app ditched its old skin for a darker, simpler, monochromatic getup. It functions the same way but steps closer to OS X in appearance. Maybe you'll like it more than the old look -- if not, you'll quickly forget what the old one look looked like anyway.

New app markers

New apps are marked with a blue ribbon to designate their freshness.

iPad clock

The iPad now has a new Clock app of its own.

Noticed any other goodies that have been flying under the radar? Let us know in the comments!



    What about Guided Access? Great for education settings, and even things like museums, restaurants, retail kiosks.

      Post Title: "The Best iOS 6 Features Nobody’s Talking About"

        It was mentioned briefly as a bullet point, but not a lot of in-depth discussion. It didn't get it's own article for example. I think it could potentially have huge business and education appeal if done right.

    Did the option to set a song as your alarm tone really only just turn up? No wonder everyone jailbreaks.

    The most powerful but overlooked feature announced is the one app mode. You will soon see iPads EVERYWHERE. Businesses, schools, airports, planes, museums, everyone will soon use iPads instead of those hefty computers where you get your boarding passes, tours, information or orders.

      People drop things all the time. And the more you carry them with you the greater the chance you'll drop them. To hold an ipad securely you need to use two hands. The hassle of going from home, to bus, to museum, to... would spell the death for many ipad. Yes I know people do so now but try doing that with a couple of kids or carrying some luggage while searching for some change.

        I think you missed the point being made: the one app mode means that the ipad will be more useful for museums, schools, etc as a test device/ static info display/ticket machine , etc. At the moment, once you access the ipad you have access to all its apps, which is not something you want if you're asking kids to do their exam on a ipad, or if you're Qantas and you've fixed a dozen to the wall to work as ticket kiosks. The point you've made still stands though!

          Thanks Tim, your spot on.
          They've also introduced passbook or whatever it is which adds much more functionality too.

    About time there was a decent [native World] clock for iPad. Just one of *those* small details that annoyed me. Sorted. Yay.

      I know!!
      I never could figure out why there was no clock app, and all of the downloadable ones were junk.

    That was talked about, this article is aimed at features that were not singles out at the keynote or in other mainstream media post event

      by this I mean, Guided Access, it was given floor time at the keynote

    I got the impression from the keynote that you can now send attachments with imessage. That seemed like an important feature to me that people made very little fuss about.

    Wow, a clock!

    One thing I'd love to be able to do is sync podcasts directly to my phone via wifi. I quite regularly spend days at a time away from home, and those days are the ones that most of the podcasts I listen to come out. I have to wait until I get back to update the podcasts, and it's quite frustrating if friends are then discussing it.

      I second the remote podcast sync! Podcasts and backup/sync are the two remaining reasons I have iTunes installed. I would love to uninstall iTunes.

      I think the Downcast app does what you ask ... I use it exclusively for my podcast listening / management / downloads - it's pretty awesome.

        Downcast is awesome, but it's incompatible with iOS6 at this time.

    I could already use a song as an alarm on my iPhone, maybe it's just a new interface for it.

    Wake up every morning with Lazy Eye from Silversun Pickups. Best way to wake up :P

      There's lots of songs I'd love to wake up to each morning, but I'd condition myself to hate that song forever. Default alarm tones it is!

    So pretty much everything that other mobile OSs have had for years.

    Great stuff! Really innovative!

    Where is the iPad calculator app? :(

      and Stocks and Weather!
      both of which I use a lot on the iPhone.

    And if you don't like the new Music app, download mine from the App Store: Simple Media Player Free. :P

    What about pull to refresh in Mail?

    As a non ios user I'm actually quite surprised some of these features are new and haven't been around before. Such as choose your alarm tone? Really that's new

      I know. The poor iPeepz are getting excited over the most boring stuff imaginable. Lol.

    what music as an Alarm?? who would have ever thought of that. My goodness, I can see why you would be glad to get it. But seriously it took Apple this long to add this option. LOL.

    the big question for me is whether Siri can finally deal with. usiness locations outside the U.S. noone has talked about it. so I'm guessing she's as useless as he day I got her.

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