SUNA Traffic Launches In New Zealand, Insert Your Own Sheep Joke Here

On learning that SUNA's traffic monitoring services for GPS are being extended to New Zealand, it would be easy to make one of two jokes: (1) does it come with a sheep icon? (2) New Zealand has traffic? So we've done that. But the option to dodge accidents and congestion can be useful in any large city, so this is ultimately good news, eh bro?

The service runs New Zealand-wide, though I'm willing to bet there's not a lot of traffic jams in Timaru. Initially, SUNA Traffic will be offered on a selection of Garmin nüvi GPS models (the 2455LMT, 2495LMT, 2595LMT, 3490LMT and 3590LMT). You can also add it as an option for the Magellan RoadMate Australia/New Zealand iPhone app (it costs an additional $19.99).

Image: Alan Levine

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