Stilla: Create 3D Pictures Using The iPhone's Gyroscope

Out of all the photo apps currently populating the iTunes App Store, a few stand out from the pack as more unique, more beautiful and more simple to use. Stilla, a camera app that utilises the iPhone's gyroscope, is one of them.

What does it do?

It directs you to take multiple snapshots of the same subject from different angles and stitches them together using the recorded positional data from the gyroscope to make one cool 3D image.

Why do we like it?

It blends several images in one, connected by a crystal-like effect. It has a really nice-looking interface and gives clear directions that make it easy to create dynamic, sharable pictures that you can push to Facebook, Twitter or send via email. [swissmiss]


Download this app for: iPhone, $1.99 The best: easy to use The worst: you have to make an account

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