Stephen Colbert: Beware Of iPad-Toting Orangutan Cyber-Terrorists

The simplicity of the iPad means the potential for unlikely users, such as babies or even orangutans. But are monkeys really our friends?

Stephen Colbert's special report profiles a program that seeks to introduce orangutans in captivity to the learning powers of the iPad. What most see as harmless, Colbert sees as a threat to national security. The dangers of cyber-war are real, as Richard Clarke explains in the segment. And with iPads, orangutans wouldn't even need to know how to hack, because, well, there could be an app for that (Destroy America With Friends).

Head to The Colbert Report website and watch the full segment. We should laugh as much as we can before those damn apes take over. [The Colbert Report]


    Saw this yesterday. That stupid guy who wrote the book is an idiot! There's nothing on the ipad (and most likely never will be) that lets you hack electricity grids and all that other crap. More stupid fear mongering from somebody in US politics who really has no clue.

      (The orangutang stuff was funny though!)

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