Sony Bringing Google TV Down Under?

Sony held a launch in Sydney today, showing off its range of cameras, laptops and TVs… and one more thing. That one more thing was Google TV. Sony product launches are pretty regular affairs; a chance for the company to show off its wide range of products, many of which we've seen previously or known about for some time, like the NEX-F3 for example.

Sony's Paul Colley ran through pretty much the same demonstration I'd already seen of the high-end Sony HX850 LCD TV, and then had one more thing to show off: Google TV.

It's not built into the panel; Sony was using a set top box -- they wouldn't say, but the smart money says it was the Google TV streamer with its remote control rather similar to the Boxee remote, in that it was control on one side, keyboard on the other. It was just a teaser, however, with Colley refusing to be drawn on when we'll see Google TV locally, stating that "we can't give you any indication of pricing or availability"

Still, there'd be little point in demonstrating something to a room full of journalists that you didn't plan on releasing at some point, and with the TV market being as volatile as it is, it could be quite soon.

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    i really want this to be true.

    Hopefully it's Google TV, I've BEEN WAIITING!

    Me too - bring it on :-)

    They've been saying Euro launch in September, so I'm guessing around then.

    After importing one of the old ones for forensic analysis I can say; GoogleTV is boring as bat shit.

    What exactly is the selling point? It's made by Google? It's nothing more than a web browser! (unless they have changed ?)

    Is pretty well all streaming content that made google tv appealing still blocking the devices?

      Yup; that was it - and still is. Everything is blocked (unless you root).

      You have to believe that they couldn't sell people a YouTube player ... could they?

        @Robo - you don't need to Root it, just use a proxy. Youtube App is free. Its Android Market.
        I have netflix humming (much better quality than netflix on apple TV)... with a set-top-box you also get internet overlay (i.e. Twitter etc) for regular or payTV.

        Finally, it streams everything you want from a NAS, music, movies etc.
        Acts as a universal remote.

        Main limitation is HULU, however its also limited on USA customers.

        For sony to win this, they just need a better media player, more ram (better browser stability) and ideally tuner imput (to remove the need for set-top-box.

    What a tease; Sony's gonna get a reputation.

    It sounds like Sony are expecting a major Apple TV announcement next week at WWDC and since the Sony Google TV isn't likely to be available until after September, they feel the need to remind us they will one day release their product too.

      This sounds about right. I bought the Logitech one and even with it updated and my foxtel box connected to it, it's nothing more than a web browser to view all those great sites that have been blocked.

        Trust me, it will be much sooner than September... Try July

    “we can’t give you any indication of pricing or availability” - THAT MEANS IT'S NOT COMING BUT WE'RE SHOWING IT OFF BECAUSE WE HAVE NOTHING ELSE NEW TO TALK ABOUT

    i was actually at said tech preview - the device is very much so real, and i was really surprised at how intuitive the remote was. but as per sony the device was still an alpha prototype. they were implying that by the end of the year, it'll be integrated into the bravia line... but when asked they wouldn't tell me if that meant proprietary peripheral or actually in the box. the thing that got my attention was just how quick it was and how easy to use it was. nothing like a lot of the clunky interfaces we have atm... but *shrugs* keep your eyes open is all i can say

    Hi, I bought a bravia TV and it came with Sony Google TV box. I went to harvey norman and there was this guy talking about how good google TV really is, he went on talking non stop showing me how the unit performs. Well cutting to the cheese the rep talked about movies, utube and lots of lots content designed just for google tv, interesting I said! Then went to JBHIFi and bought the TV for better deal. The google box arrived 2 days ago, installed it, updated it, and began showing its true colour of what really is. Its basically a sofisticated web browser where you can download tv apps from companies or authors you have never heard off, the software is buggy, slow, everynow and gives messages "stop responding"or something similar...and the worst thing is I CANT BE TURN OFF, it doesn't tun off. I presss the off button and it a message says "shutting down"and it never does...its so frustating, it does work at all, the only thing I like about is the fact you can type by using the remote, thats the only thing. Obviosly I thing you can get apps where you can buy movies apps, but according to this rep most movies were free through google TV...

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