Siri Might Actually Be Useful Now, Coming To New iPad With iOS 6

Siri Might Actually Be Useful Now, Coming To New iPad With iOS 6

Siri hasn’t been all that great so far, but Apple has added some pretty awesome new worlds to ask her about: sports, restaurants, movies. Pretty much enough to plan a whole date right through Siri.

Here’s the laundry list: You can ask about the scores of live games — “What’s the score of the Giants game?” — or about individual player stats. You can also make OpenTable reservations, get Yelp scores, ask about what movies are playing at a nearby cinema and then see a trailer.

Siri can also launch apps now too. For example, you can ask her to play a movie, and up pops the video-playing app. Facebook is deeply integrated into Siri, so you can just ask it to post photos to Facebook.

The other cool thing is eyes-free integration for cars. Siri will stop the phone from lighting up, so it won’t distract you while you’re driving. If Siri’s actually working well this time around, it’ll be a pretty good addition.

We’ll be checking to see how much of this — if any — filters through to Australian iOS devices.

Siri will also be moving beyond the iPhone 4S. In today’s WWDC keynote, Scott Forstall announced that it will be migrating to the new iPad with iOS 6.

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Image: Ars Technica