Shooting Challenge: 16 Personal Style Shots… Vote For Your Favourite!

Shooting Challenge: 16 Personal Style Shots… Vote For Your Favourite!

Hope you like great photos, because this week’s Shooting Challenge entries are coming at you. There are some amazing photos in this bunch, so start voting for your favourite photographer! They might just win an Ultrabook!Image

For five weeks, Gizmodo readers (and the friends they convince to vote for them) are voting one weekly Shooting Challenge finalist through to the prize round to be judged and announced by Gizmodo editors on Wednesday, June 27.

Note: In the interests of fairness, voting has been restricted to one per user, based on cookie and IP.

Voting closes at 10am on Tuesday, June 26.


Ultrabooks are a new category of mobile PC that pack speedy Intel Core processors and a lightweight design — ideal for photographers looking for an editing studio, storage drive and entertainment hub on the go.

We’re excited to be giving away one Dell XPS 13 (valued at $1199) to participating Gizmodo readers. The Core i5 13.3-incher has edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass and is just 6mm at its thinnest point.

Finalists: Giz also has remote-controlled indoor airships (measuring 1.27m long) for each of the four other finalists who don’t win the major prize. The Turbo Blimp is valued at $200. Full comp details and T&Cs here.

Last Week’s Most Voted Photo – Finalist 4 Of 5

Last week was all about fast shutter and we had some striking entries. The most voted photo came from…Jay Daley — who has come close to becoming a finalist every week. Congrats and breaking through Jay!

Jay’s freeze frame joins amazing photos from Daniel Buskario (Long Exposure), Stuart Addelsee (Engines) and Larry Chew (Speed) in the final. But they’ll face the winner of this week’s Personal Style challenge.
You can’t vote for Jay now that they’re finalists — but you can certainly show your love in the comments.


This Week’s Entries

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Lena Buchanan

Hey! This photo was taken with a Canon EOS Kiss X4 with an exposure time 38 seconds, a F stop number of 18 and an ISO of 400. The camera was set up on a Tripod and the people in the image were ‘painted’ over using light. I then drew the light sabers with two different glow sticks. This reflects my personal style as it portrays the enjoyment and playfulness i experience every day in life 🙂 Enjoy!

Alex Gillis

Impersonal, rather than anything else. To suggest your style is uniquely personal seems somewhat arrogant. This is meant to show loneliness and electronica. Or it’s a wanky self portrait on my balcony. Maybe both. This noisy overedit was shot on a GoPro, in lieu of a proper camera. Fixed focus, a lot of combined exposures of 0.5s, ISO way too high.

David Stork

Shooting From The Hip. It’s taken a while to get the technique right for this “accidental” shooting style but I really love the surprises I get from it. I can sometimes capture far more of a persons character this way because they’re not scared off by the camera. This one is of my little girl tucking into lunch. It perfectly captures her cheeky yet gentle nature. The sunlight reflecting off her highchair tray also provided a fantastic lighting setup.
Canon EOS 50D
90mm Macro

Michael Camplin

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: Nikkor 12-24mm f/4 DX @ 16mm, f8
Shutter: 1/60sec
ISO: 200
Flash: Nikon SB900 (off camera)
A CD collection is a reflection of a person at many points throughout their life. Not only does each CD hold music but it also has a memory attached to it.

Tracy Miller

I figured for this challenge I would incorporate my love of photography, bokeh, and books into one photograph. I shot this with my Canon T3i at F-1.8, shutter speed 1/30 and a ISO of 200.

Benjamin Dunlop

-Camera – Canon EOS 600D
1/500 sec
@ISO 100
0 exposure bias
No flash
Pattern metering mode
-Lens – Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM
77mm Hoya Pro Digital UV filter
– Reflector – 5 in 1 Glanz 110cm
Gold used
I took this photo on Sunday June 17, 10.35am during a photo shoot at Southbank for Claudia Cavallaro Designs. This one-off swimsuit was designed and made from scratch by Claudia Cavallaro. The unique print on the material was created by Claudia taking photos of water around Brisbane, then cropping the shots into a white-bordered grid. The swimwear design and construction was solely completed by Claudia.
It is her personal interpretation of summer style on the beach.
When I was asked to photograph the swimsuit, I wanted to compliment the water-inspired material by including rippling water around the model. I avoided using a flash, instead using the sun as a backlight, and a large gold reflector to warmly add definition to the model as well as lighting water around her feet.
The end result is a shot that shows the inspiration behind a very stylish and personal final product (literally).

David Erskine

On my way to Coolangatta for Top Noodle I noticed a amazing sunset so I ran to the top of Kirra hill and caught this long exposure well after the sun went down.
Canon 550D 24-70mm L
8 sec f/4.0 125 ISO

Jay Daley

Title: Tunnel Boxer
Something I’ve always loved about photography is the pursuit of the endless ways in which to make the light work for you. It was once told to me that photography is akin to “painting with light” and that’s something which has stuck with me since.
My love of photography is mostly within landscapes — but this photo is a genuine reflection of me and my personal view on how to take a scene and use the light to tell a story.
This was a simple shot to take. The camera was set on a tripod behind me, 1 flash was positioned on the ground in front of me and simply positioned myself so as to bounce the light back into the walls whilst using the shadows cast by it to create some mood.
Some desaturation, curves and heavy sharpening and that was it.
Nikon D4, 14-24mm lens, SB900 Flash. f8, ISO 200, 8 seconds

Stuart Addelsee

Canon EOS 7d – Canon 50mm 1.8
1/50sec | f/4 | ISO 800 | 50mm
I thought I would take a self portrait of sorts…simple setup, an iPad and a flash and a few test shots. What does this say about my style? We all wear masks? I’m actually not the comfortable in front of the camera? I’m a monster? I think I just like to try something new and different( at least to me), like this shot.
Stuart –


Brooke Geddes

I took the photograph to express what I had imagined in my own mind and how I was feeling at the time. It was an experimentation, which the emotion of the photograph was solely dependent by my mood. Taking the personal photograph of myself, helped me to release negative energy and in turn present something raw to the world, that I usually don’t show. Hopefully this photograph will show the viewers, how I felt on the inside while I took the picture.
Camera: Canon EOS 50D
Color Space: RGB
File Type: JPEG
Focal Length: 18.0 mm
Dimensions: 3456 x 2304
30.0 s at f/20.0
ISO: 100
72 ppi

Renato Avanzini

It’s a personal style to capture the magic of a Sydney dawn and the beauty of this wide spanning landscape in various treatments, and to stitch them together to allow the viewer to see it all.
The three images were shot early morning just before night had faded; leaving the bridge swathed in a blue silhouette and contrasted against the light of the dawn challenging the night.
Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Focal: 27 mm
Shutter Speed: 0.6 sec
FStop: f/11
ISO: 100

Michael Dean

I’ve always had a fascination with fire, and it has often ended in pain. Never done much with it in photography though, so i thought I’d try it out.
pretty happy with the results and definitely one of the more fun shoots i have done!
Canon 500D – Sigma 50mm
f/1.4 – 1/320 – ISO400

Rachel Smith

Taken on a Canon EOS 500D
Shutter Speed at 4 Seconds.
Mucking around with a with Sparklers… Being big kids again..
I had my nephews 13th birthday during the week and it gave me the idea, i know that there had been a few of these shots in this comp, but i had never really tried it before and thought id give it a go. bsides the fact that they look really cool, its a really fun thing to do.

Elenor Bennett

Photographer’s portrait – black and white
Camera: IPhone
Speed: 1/120sec
ISO: 64
Shot: In colour, converted to black and white
A photographer will go anywhere to capture the perfect shot. He will chase the light and go to extraordinary measures in pursuit of an elusive image.
Shot at the close of a full day shooting. He armed with a Canon, me with an IPhone. In the last light the best photo of all. Not expected. Not planned. It just happened.
I caught his style before me, in my own naïve style.

Brad Saegenschnitter

Canon Speedlite 580Ex II, homemade LED orb tool, homemade stencilling tool, homemade bicycle wheel dome tool, adapted car neons, steel wool and chain.
ISO 320, f/10, 371 sec.
Last year, in Year 11 Photography, I looked into the Adelaide artist, Denis Smith, who specialises in creating orbs with light, or as he calls, ‘balls of light’. From then, I developed a true passion for light painting and I have been experimenting with various other methods and ideas. In my Personal Style picture I chose to incorporate five different methods of light paint which I use, starting with the silhouette created with an adapted car neon, creating the dome with a bicycle wheel dome tool, an orb with a homemade tri-colour LED rig, sparks with burning steel wool attached to a chain and finally a stencil effect created with a flash and stencil to incorporate my name.
I feel that my ‘Personal Style’ photograph reflects on me as a photographer, as it incorporates several light painting techniques which I have picked up and now use to compose my photographs.

Grace Lye

I took a trip to the beach. I always had this idea in my head to do one of those surrealist type images. Something out of the pages from Salvadore Dali. Although not as fantastical, I liked the idea that although we are somewhere we can be invisible to the world.
ISO100, 110mm f4.5, 1/320 shutter


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