Sharp's 'Viewmongous' 80 And 90-Inch LED TVs Coming To Australia

Sharp's 70-inch 3D Quattron LCD TV (LC70LE735X) is already available here, but in late August, the 80-inch Aquos LC80LE940X should shape up to be the largest consumer TV in Australia. That's double the screen area of a 55-inch TV.

The 70-inch model currently has an RRP of $4799, so don’t expect the 80-inch version to be cheap. The 90-incher has just debuted in the US for around US$10,999 and it’s slated to arrive on our shores by the end of the year.

When Giz US did big screen 3D TV round up earlier this year, the 70-inch Aquos pipped the 65-inch models from LG, Samsung and Panasonic -- in quality as well as size.

From the Battlemodo: It’s called Quattron because there's a fourth color—yellow—in its sub-pixel arrays (these colours are mixed to create the shade for each individual pixel), allowing it to generate nearly a trillion potential colour shades. The black levels and shadow detail were equally impressive, thanks to the set's local dimming edge-lit LED back-lighting, with very little loss of clarity during dark scenes. The picture clarity was top-notch as well; there were significantly fewer jagged edges even on SD content. 2D HD content was clear enough that you could count the laces on a thrown football in flight.
The 3D was fairly good, though we did notice some halo effects with it turned on and some blurring during fast action (though that's pretty much universal in 3D sets). Screen flicker was, however, nearly nonexistent, and the 176-degree viewing angle was impressive.
The Sharp is Wi-Fi enabled, and includes four HDMI ports. No USBs, though, but you can push local content over your home network to play it . The streaming service selection was more sparse than the Samsung's offerings, but the amount and degree of picture controls were made calibrating the set dead simple. -Andrew Tarantola

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    Dam... the 70" costs as much as my current 42" hi-def (with PVR) when I got it many years ago.

      Don't feel to bad, I know someone who paid 14 grand for a non full HD 42" plasma.

        I know someone who paid 40 odd for one when they first debuted all those years ago.

          Don't feel too bad, my lounge room still has an SD CRT POS.

            oh I don't feel bad I've gotten some real good use out of it. :D

    Hmmm great but I think a projector is probably more economical and bigger. I was tossing up the sharp 70 inch for a while but got a 1080p Epson 3d projector for 2500. Chuck in receiver and screen for about 1000 more and you're still in front.

      Dude, go the 70". The colours are crisp, the screen is very bright and blacks are surprisingly dark! Thing im most shocked about is how well it handles SD content. Old TV shows and NES games have never looked so good. You would be hard pressed to get a projector that produces an image this good on the cheap.

      But if size matters, of course projectors are still the best bet - and you have a little more money to play around with to get a higher end receiver if you dont have one.

    Don't feel too bad..., my mum-in-law still has a Sony original VCR. ..should have seen her howl when her "Thorn" tv died, I could get parts.. She now has a pissy little 20" TV with built-in Blu-Ray - but uses the VCR - because "it is better technology - as I can use it... It is as complex as it gets....I

      A receiver AND screen for $1000? Difficult. Unless it's a relatively small screen. I haven't looked for a couple of years, so maybe prices have changed.

    32 inches just doesn't cut it anymore... might have to upgrade when priorities allow me... or just push the couch closer to the TV.

    Not a very useful piece of reporting. The 70 inch LC70LE735X is *** not *** 3D.

    In 2001 i saw a 42 inch plasma at DSE north Ryde no price when returning to the office i rang the store and asked for a price the salesman said $28,000 sir how things have changed

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