Seagate's New Drives Automatically Upload And Download Photos From Facebook And Flickr

As far as hardware specs go, Seagate's new line of Backup Plus external drives are pretty straightforward — storage ranging from 500 GB to 4 TB — but the one neat thing about this drive is that the included file management software will not only schedule backups for you, but it will automatically upload and download photos from Facebook and Flickr.

And sure, there are some of you who can do that in your sleep without the aid of software, but parents and grandparents will likely see this as a gift from the gods. Not only will it please them, it'll save you from having to play the tech support role. Portable drives range in price from US$120 to US$140 (maximum size 1 TB), while desktop drives will cost between US$130 and US$250 (maximum size 4 TB).

As far as Australian availability and prices are concerned, Seagate Australia won't be offering the Backup Plus line until 24 July, nor can it confirm local prices or local resellers. If you're really keen on one of these before then, you'll have to hit up everyone's favourite retail rainforest, Amazon. [Seagate]

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