Real-Life Zombie Shooter Coming To Melbourne

Real-Life Zombie Shooter Coming To Melbourne

Ever wondered what it would be like to be part of a six-man, Left 4 Dead-style, team-hunting zombies in real life? You might not have to wonder for much longer, as Aussie company I.R.L Shooter looks to bring the experience to Melbourne this year.

It’s called Patient 0, and it’s a real-world zombie experience where the dead are coming after you.

The real-life game will see players fight for their lives against the army of undead in an abandoned Melbourne building. Players will be armed with laser tag-style, replica M4 rifles that will keep track of game statistics including hits, misses, shots fired and accuracy.

The game will kick off in Melbourne on 31 October, with plans to tour the event around the country after that.

To raise funds for better guns and a more authentic experience, I.R.L Shooter is crowd sourcing funds through Pozible, offering backers everything from pre-release tickets to a spot in a short film being created around the experience.

The company hit its $10,000 funding goal in just five days and at the time of writing, it has over $12,000 in pledges with 53 days to go.

CNET Australia’s Michelle Starr spoke to one of the three braaaiiiins behind the operation this week, who said that the whole thing started after a drunken night in a pub. Surely that pub can now apply for some government innovation funding, right? [CNET Australia]