Real-Life Zombie Shooter Coming To Melbourne

Ever wondered what it would be like to be part of a six-man, Left 4 Dead-style, team-hunting zombies in real life? You might not have to wonder for much longer, as Aussie company I.R.L Shooter looks to bring the experience to Melbourne this year.

It's called Patient 0, and it's a real-world zombie experience where the dead are coming after you.

The real-life game will see players fight for their lives against the army of undead in an abandoned Melbourne building. Players will be armed with laser tag-style, replica M4 rifles that will keep track of game statistics including hits, misses, shots fired and accuracy.

The game will kick off in Melbourne on 31 October, with plans to tour the event around the country after that.

To raise funds for better guns and a more authentic experience, I.R.L Shooter is crowd sourcing funds through Pozible, offering backers everything from pre-release tickets to a spot in a short film being created around the experience.

The company hit its $10,000 funding goal in just five days and at the time of writing, it has over $12,000 in pledges with 53 days to go.

CNET Australia's Michelle Starr spoke to one of the three braaaiiiins behind the operation this week, who said that the whole thing started after a drunken night in a pub. Surely that pub can now apply for some government innovation funding, right? [CNET Australia]


    Laser Tag? If I'm going to kill zombies it has to more dramatic than that.

    I want either arm mounted chainsaw like in Army of Darkness, or a shoulder mounted lawnmower like in Braindead (AKA Dead Alive).

    I remember laser tag. I used to play Skirmish occasionally with my recreational alcohol friends, and the one time I went to a lasertag game with my (wait for it) D&D playing /rock eisteddfod friends.....
    It sucked so much ass that I damn near started rifle-butting people. In retrospect I should have. Of course the gun would have snapped in two insipid little pieces after the first one, and someone would have been crying. Probably me, simply for being there.
    If I have to work there when I become a zombie after the zombie apocalypse, I will be outraged, and it will be no-more-mr-nice-grabby-bitey from then on. No sir.

    Well if we allowed human cloning we could actually create an actual set up. to bad everyone would call it unethical =(

      Now that's an idea and a half!

        The movie "Gamer" or "Game"... I forgetr the name of it. comes to mind

      and when they actually kill you what then?

        Zombies with no teeth and stubs for fingers.

          zombies crave your brains,,its the only thing that sooths their pain of death ,, take out their teeth,, cut off their fingers,, they will still come for you,,they will claw at you with their bones if thats all they have =) theres only one way to stop them,, cus even dismembering them is only creating multiple limbs that will still come after you,, theres no rational,, no fear,, no common sense,, they will walk into fire to get you,, no i dont think making them safe,,is possible,, even tho it worked for michonne,, remember thats a tv show and this is real life,,,, lol

    If they want this to be at all realistic, how about staging it in a cemetery instead of some vacant building or a setting like Ravenholm from HalfLife 2.

    The old smoke in a building thing doesn't cut the mustard. I want to see zombies crawling out of graves Thriller style!

    will be interesting to see how a shooter goes. The State Library of QLD have done a few real life zombie RPGs.

    Just use paintballs. If your a zombie, you'll know you've been hit.

    Damnit, if only we could use melee weapons too.

    Yeah how would you die, you must have to have a suit on in which attracts them and when they kill you you're deativated... The house better be big enough for rape trains...

    I am a director of Zed Events in the UK run the Mall and the Manor in the. Looks really cool guys, good luck!

    Omg this looks likes fun, huge zombie fan, think this would be so much fun, but also scare the shit out of me. Very cool idea

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