Raspberry Pi Computer To Cross The Atlantic Ocean In Autonomous Boat

There's a lot you can do with a Raspberry Pi. It's a credit card-sized computer that costs next to nothing, and it's about to become the brain of a tiny boat that its developer hopes will cross the Atlantic Ocean unaided.

It's codenamed FishPi, and I'm already hungry. It's going to consist of a Raspberry Pi computer, strapped to a solar panel and encased in a model boat that will navigate perilous seas all by itself.

Greg Holloway is the crazy sea dog who came up with the FishPi, and explains his ideas on the Raspberry Pi blog:

Massive 25-foot waves, 100km/h winds, torrential rain, lightning, and the Kraken. None of those things should be put anywhere near a Raspberry Pi. On the Atlantic Ocean all of those are common place, and that is exactly where I’m sending my Raspberry Pi.

FishPi will be powered by a 130watt solar panel, so there will be no masts or sails. The propulsion will run from batteries, charged by the solar panel, and it will utilise a Kort Nozzle to gain maximum thrust from what will be limited power.

On-board will be a compass, GPS and camera so we always know where the little adventurer is on its journey. It's only a proof of concept right now, but Holloway is confidant it can become a reality. Oh please let it become a reality. I want to watch a model boat cross an ocean all by itself from the comfort of my office chair.

If the project does get off the ground, I suggest installing a small cannon to keep the seagulls away. You'll thank me later. [Raspberry Pi Foundation]



    Loving my Raspberry Pi. The possibilities are endless, its what computing should be like these days. Instead of wasting Billions on laptops for schools that get used less and less, they should give every student a Raspberry Pi. One big advantage, it only cost $35.00.

    yeah I received mine this week :) it's awesome. Have only run up an XBMC variant at the moment but it's running sweet and can play 1080p movies from my server without a hitch so far :)

    Might have to get another one to actually play.

      I am still waiting for mine, how long did yours take to come.

    x-prize drug runner boats running Pi....

    Not 'confidant' it can become a reality, *confident*.

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      Their confidant is confident :))

    The only things missing are a reproduction mechanism, a natural predator eating them, and some form of mutation. Then let the games begin! ^^

    The GPS tells the boat where it is but how do you get that info back to shore when it's 100s or 1000s of miles away? HF APRS? Sat Phone?

      Im thinking that perhaps the onboard GPS has been programmed to conclude its trip at a certain beach or area to be spotted and retrieved, and people come look at the beach that the dev chose once a day or something?
      Or you could get a mobile wireless modem from the country youre sending it to, so when it reaches the shore it shoul have some sort of 3g reception and be able to phone home

    Dang - I need to speedup my efforts to get my RasberryPI + OpenROV (http://openrov.com/) + impact mine ready...

    Wonder why you need a controller for a small boat to cross the ocean... Didn't a unmanned fishing boat float across the ocean from Japan to West coast of US as a debris from the Tsunami? ;-)

    Is there a how to on how to use it to make a desk or wall clock that syncs to a server's ntp daemon? Either wired ethernet or wireless, both work for me.

    Looking for another how-to for temp/humidity control, sensors via usb/wireless/ethernet, trigger solenoids to turn power receptacles on/off, with fans blowing air into or out of an area, or from two different areas, one colder, one hotter, depending on temp needs, like linux journal article a year or two back...

    Time it will need to cross the ocean might be less than the delay customers experience between "expressing the interest" and actually receiving their purchase.

      If this PI does get going and its location published online, you'll know where to find a slightly used PI ... Gives new meaning to PIrates :p

    If this works I expect some Colombians will be putting in their first order for 10000 units within a few days of its success.

    Sorry guys, but so what? The RP is just another of many bare microboard PC clones such as I have been deploying for 20 years. OK, it's up to date, but $35 is its only specific advantage.

    Sounds similar to our project, which is to cross the Atlantic with two Arduinos. We will be launching this summer if all goes well.
    Check it out: www.gotransat.com

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