R2-D2 Flash Drive Cufflinks Are Obviously The Best Cufflinks In The Galaxy

If I had to wear a suit to work, I would definitely buy these R2-D2 USB flash drive cufflinks. They can store 2GB of data each, which is pretty good. In fact, I can't think of a better cufflink — except a pair that also made R2 sounds.

They are silver plated, with the R2-D2 paint job finished in enamel. $US200 for the pair. [Cufflinks]


    If they had curved the edges a little, it may look a bit more like R2D2. IE Get rid of the metal casing around the usb pins and they'd have more room to improve the design.

    $200 for 4Gb? You'd be better off buying a decent pair of cufflinks and a basic 64Gb USB stick.

    These are not the cuff links you are looking for.

    These cufflinks are too good and having the storage capacity . These cufflinks are easy to handle.


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