Nobody Writes Anything Anymore, Says Study

Have any of you picked up a pen and paper to scrawl some note or jot down a quick to do list only to find your hand muscles have gone slack and your once-clear, familiar handwriting now crooked and forced? I have. Sometimes. It's really rather sad.

The results of a study commissioned by the online stationer Docmail show that I'm not alone -- and that we're all getting a little lazy in the writing department: the average time since an adult last wrote by hand, the study showed, was 41 days. 41 days! What's more, 1-in-3 of us, the research showed, has not had cause to write anything the old fashioned way for more than six months. Basically, it's holiday thank-you cards or bust.

This is both appalling and not at all.

Really, why should we fetishise pen-and-ink notation? Electronic correspondence is environmentally greener, quicker to send/receive, and -- best of all! -- avoids the nasty taste of a licked stamp. Plus, there are plenty of other ways to keep our fingers nimble and our hands occupied.

Writing is dead. Long live writing! [DailyMail - Image via viviamo/Shutterstock]



    I have to write out my typed notes to use those muscles... errr

    I hand wrote my last job application letter just to be different. I hope I get it but I'm not holding my breath.

    Untrue, police and security officers have to write out reports.

      The average person is neither a police nor security officer, believe it or not.

    My handwriting was always rubbish :P

    I work in a warehouse. I write with pen all the time. This study clearly didnt cover all vocations.

    WTF? I use pen daily, there is still no medium with less interference between mind and reality.

    Talk about beautiful, functional, minimalistic design.

    Pen and a pad of paper. Brilliant. I just bought two this morning and used simple paper diagrams to close a sale.

    I scribble all my notes on paper, all the time. And while I'm not, I spin the pen around between my fingers.

    Using a fountain pen really does encourage you to write. things that I could have otherwise typed are now written, because of the great writing experience that fountain pens bring. And really, nice, thick stock and a fine nib is all you would ever want :)

    The average figure of 41 days is kinda useless - as they say, one third of participants haven't written in 6 months. I imagine that means that another one third write every single day like I do.

    I forget to write things down all the time!

    I always keep a notepad and pen at my desk at all times for scribbling notes. Having said that though I don't have to show them to anyone, they're just for me to read. I don't think anyone else could read them if they tried because my handwriting is so terrible now.

    As usual, the people who produce this sort of rubbish do not habitate the real world.

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