MacBooks Get Glorious Retina Displays After All

Among the roster of new features and specs the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models are sporting, there's one you simply can't miss -- the gorgeous, pixel-packed retina display. And it's coming to the entire MacBook line.

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro will ship with a high-resolution 2800x1800 display, nearly doubling the current model's 1440x900 resolution and outpacing the 2560x1440 resolution on the 27-inch Thunderbolt Display. That's 220ppi and 5,184,000 pixels in total! What's more, the screen will use a 16:10 aspect ratio, as opposed to the more common 16:9, though Apple has been employing that ratio for a while now. The 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air models will also be upgraded from their current 1366x768 and 1440x900 displays, respectively.

And, thankfully, this will likely be the last time you have to decipher screen resolutions. With the launch of the new MacBook Pro, Apple is doing away with the confusing numbering scheme and replacing it with easier to understand "big, small, and optimal" resolution descriptions.

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    Too bad a mobile GPU will not have the oomph to drive anything at it's native res. Kudos to Apple for cramming so many pixels into a laptop. I can see battery life suffering badly though and jerky animation in purcahsers' futures.

      Yeah, because Apple has a reputation for poor user experience……….

        It's not Apple software that I am worried about...

    While this is very cool, being pretty is not a very good reason for buying a very expensive laptop.

    Wait wait wait. I don't see any mention whatsoever of the Macbook Airs having retina displays, and there is no 13 inch Macbook Pro on the apple store website with a retina display! The only Mackbook to get the Retina display seems to be the 15inch Macbook Pro... Please explain Giz.

      Any comment on this Giz!? Is there another bunch of macbooks with retina display going on sale later, or was this a typo?

        GIZMODO! Please respond! I am trying to make my decision on whether to upgrade my macbook air, or make the leap to the macbook pro...

          Hey Chris. The only MacBook to get a Retina display is the Next Generation MacBook Pro, the 15-inch one. This page ( has all of the new MacBook Pros available, only the one that says Retina, funnily enough, has the Retina display.

            So above where you say "And it’s coming to the entire MacBook line" Is completely wrong? Because that suggests to me that All macbook airs and macbook pros will have a retina display...

            So above where you say “And it’s coming to the entire MacBook line” Is completely wrong? Because that suggests to me that All macbook airs and macbook pros will have a retina display…

              Certainly seems to be no other Retina Displays... at least for another 12 months. Also "Pro" means something once more.

    16:10 has been the standard for widescreen displays for a while.

    My 6-month old 15inch Pro just got outdated. I still love it, but damn, I want this. New processor, SSD, GPU, screen. Hopefully somebody breaks it for me so I get to buy a new one with their money.

    I'm glad they are sticking with 16:10, I'm sick of viewing my world through letterbox-like screens. Sure you get used to it, but I use my computers for things other than just watching movies!

    In fact, only one macbook pro will be getting it. Quality journalism!

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