More People Pirate Game Of Thrones Than Watch It On TV

According to TorrentFreak, Game of Thrones averages around 3.9 million pirated downloads per episode. According to the great Internet resource known as Wikipedia, only 3.8 million people watch Game of Thrones on HBO. That means more people pirate the show than actually watch the show on TV.

To no one's surprise, Game of Thrones is the most pirated show on television by a huge margin. It's been tracking like that the entire season, but now that the winter TV season is nearly over, it's been coronated as the king. Last year, the series based on the books by George R R Martin clocked in at 3.4 million pirated downloads per episode, so the show is doing better on both the shady black box of ratings and shady grey area of the Internet even though this season wasn't as good as the first.

Obviously, HBO Go numbers don't apply here but the effect of HBO Go isn't nearly as powerful as we think. HBO told the NY Times that only one per cent of its total viewership across its network is actually from HBO Go. [TorrentFreak]

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    No doubt the fact that they don't air it at all on Ozzy TV (might be airing on Paytv, not sure) adds to that count. I have both seasons and thoroughly love the ultra realistic production values. Hell even the opening prologue graphics and music is frigging excellent. Free/Freeview really need to wake up here, before they become completely redundant.

      yeah its on foxtel but they show it a week later so i just pirate it.

    I would actually watch it if they aired it on australian TV.

    It is also infinitely more convenient to torrent in Australia than it is to stream TV shows legally.

    I have had no success streaming shows here. It's always really jerky and horrible, and so not really an option if I want to enjoy the shows I watch.

    no doubt a large portion of those downloads are people who have watched it on TV and downloaded it for their hard drives.

    I think this comic by the oatmeal pretty much sums up the problem:

    HBO makes excellent TV. Unfortunately I don't have direct access to it in Australia, and I'd just as likely give up watching TV altogether as wait years for freeview to show anything worthwhile.

    I'd love to see DVD/Bluray sales figures for season 1.

      I work in a Videoshop, we have got 10 copies of season 1 and we still cannot keep up with the demand. People are watching the whole season in one night the bringing it back and asking for season 2. A lot of people even mention having downloads of the second season so this article doesn't surprise me.

    Thom you nailed with linking the oatmeal on that one. Seriously i'd pay to watch it hell i even bought the 1st season of Amazon because i love the books so much. But when you can't even watch it legally what else are you suppose to do ? more like this =)

    It is available on Foxtel. I myself purchased both seasons on iTunes and get weird looks from friends when i say purchased Game of thrones. I do how ever agree with them on the fact that by downloading it or viewing it illegally, they are able to see the newest episode as soon as its shown in the U.S. I got one of my friends to purchased a episode on iTunes but it took nearly 2 weeks before the newest episode came out to download so went back to Torrents and couldnt blame him.

    I bought the season pass for both seasons as well on iTunes. It's a fair price and comes out ot to far behind the US. Some people are just cheap and dont want to pay for quality programs, no wonder so many shows die in the first season.

      they die cause they are shit, except FireFly

        +++++++1111111111111. Love the captain.

      I would like to purchase it on iTunes but refuse to if they only offer SD quality.

    I torrented it, I will buy it when it's on Blu-ray. As far as I'm concerned my action's are justified. They get their money, I get my show on time and get to live in their own marketing hype manufactured zeitgeist.

      I do that with True Blood as well.

      torrent or usenet for each episode from the US, put up wth quality and HBO watermark then buy the BluRay from JB for like $40 each season...

      They get my money, supports new seasons being made, not legal....but I own the real thing in the end in the best quality cause I paid for it.

      That's how I justify my .torrenting as well. Doesn't make it any less infringing, but if I DL a show that's not good I delete it and don't seed it out. But if it's good, I buy it as soon as JB has a decent price on the DVD/BRD.

      Firefly, Terminator:SCC, Spartacus, True Blood, Mad Men ... some I've never stuck into my DVD player, but I want to have them on hand and I want my enjoyment of the show to be reflected in their bottom line to encourage moar liek that!

    Why are people surprised by this? Considering it screens in the US first and everyone wants to watch it as soon as they can, of course it's going to be tormented a hell of allot more outside the US simply because there are more people who want to watch it globally. Honestly I'm surprised the number isn't higher. I just hope statistics like these make all companies like HBO rethink their licensing strategies and get shows and movies out of the US faster and put a stop to these licensing holdups.

    If it's on TV and I record it I don't pay for it. If I download a torrent and it's on my PC I don't pay for it. Where's the piracy? I pay $40+ for a Blu-ray box set (far more than anywhere else in the world I'm guessing). Quit your bitching HBO.
    If you made it easily available for a $1 download I'm sure many many people would buy it. Boom, easy million dollars per episode. If they're pirating it anyway why not sell it just as easily?

      yes but each episode costs a lot more than $1 mil more like 10 mil

    I prefer to torrent it, unfortunately I can not wait "1 week on Foxtel" as Foxtel itself is overpriced box and also, if I prefer to wait and watch it 'legally' then I'm prone to being spoiled anyway by online forums discussing each episode. Game of Thrones is probably the best show out at the moment for this decade alone, unlike modern shows which rotates about modern society and so forth while Game of Thrones brings Medieval and fantasy to a whole new level.

    As people have mentioned it doesn't air here. A friend of mine had downloaded it and roped me into watching the first episode and I was hooked. I watched the rest in a couple of days and have rewatched it a few times since.

    I bought the blu-ray on the release date.

    I fail to see how this is bad (at least, in a situation where I am unable to watch it legally).

    Clearly cable companies expect people to buy whole packages for a handful of shows but we want on-demand and a la carte content.

    This reminded me of an article a week or so ago that discussed Australia piracy online. It name dropped Game of Thrones and local copyright group chimed in and claimed it was available and that it was being fast tracked from the US with in a week of screening.

    They failed to mention that it was Pay TV, to access the channel it screens on, requires a 90 odd dollar a month subscription plan. That's the problem. They seem to think they're doing folks a favour by telling them it is available...IF they just pick up a pay TV subscription, upgrade the basic plan for a wad of cash on top of that just to get the a show they've heard so much about.

    People are clamouring for your content and you still throw up barriers in front of it.

      $35 subscription is the cheapest you can get it from Foxtel, and that's the Xbox streaming Foxtel.

        yes but that doesnt give you showtime/showcase which is the required channel for game of thrones
        I personally have this package and i still pirate them because i cant be bothered to wait a full week for them to be released.

    Thanks for the reminder...I hadn't gotten round to downloading and watching season 2 :)

    Article is a little misleading... More people pirate Game Of Thrones *worldwide* than watch it on TV *in the US*.

    YAWN. Newsflash for you - when free to air channels like Channel Seven start airing stuff like this (on time and uncensored) instead of retarded crap like Revenge, Once Upon a Time and Packed to the Rafters, then I won't HAVE to download the show.
    And FYI, I always buy my favourite shows on DVD once they've ended production. I have more DVDs than I know what to do with. So you can stick the 'piracy' sob story where the sun doesn't shine.

    That's not including Usenet either. Like one of the comments said above, $1 download, hell male it a 2 or 3 dollar download and people will buy.

      Damn autocorrect...

    People commenting on free-to-air channels not showing this show forget that HBO is a PREMIUM channel in the US. That means you need to PAY for cable TV and pay additional per month on top. That's no excuse to pirate it because it's not on FTA TV here . It's not on FTA TV in the US either!

    You also need to be a subscriber to access HBO GO. Again you need to PAY for it.

    I don't own a TV and haven't for more than 5 years because of the rubbish that plagues it. I live in a house with 8 mates and the only logical way to watch shows is to download them and watch them together or in our won time. Please provide an alternative to downloading illegally, where I can watch it either for a reasonable price or with ads and I will happily watch it legally. Until then I will continue downloading TV shows the way we have for years which is convenient and logical for us. Spotify has finally filled the music streaming void and I am no longer illegally downloading music and feel good about it.

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