Microsoft: No Windows 8 Start Button, But Office For iOS Has A Start Date

One of the more controversial things Microsoft's done with Windows 8 has been the "removal" of the Start button in favour of the Metro interface. No problems -- you'll just restore it with a software hack, right? Not so fast. According to Paul Thurrott's Windows Supersite, Microsoft's latest iteration of Windows 8 prior to its release has had a specific focus: Removing the legacy code that might make Start-button enabling hacks to work:

"...information I’ve received that Microsoft has been furiously ripping out legacy code in Windows 8 that would have enabled third parties to bring back the Start button, Start Menu, and other software bits that could have made this new OS look and work like its predecessor. In fact, I’ve seen that several well-known UI hacks that worked fine with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview are no longer functional in the coming Release Preview. And those with hopes that Microsoft would allow businesses, at least, to boot directly to the desktop should prepare for disappointment. That feature not only isn’t happening, it’s being removed from Windows Server 12 (Windows 8's stable mate) as well."


In related Microsoft news, remember the rumours that Office for iOS and Android was due in November? The latest round of rumours have pinned down a release date; if you put credence in them, then November 10th is apparently when you'll be able to get busy Officin' (as Herbert Kornfeld might have put it) on your iPad or Android tablet of choice. [WinSuperSite and The Daily]



    The start button is right there. On your keyboard. Where it's always been.

      Yup.. and I seem to remember that once you get out of the Metro interface, everything looks the same as before.. including the start button..

      Although really that's the Start *key*, 100% agree. And on tablets it'll be one of the very few buttons on the whole device.

      There is no Start "menu" if we want to be this pedantic.
      Go ahead and hit that Start button in Windows 8. You'll get the rather unpleasant Metro Start pane.
      And no. If you exit the Start pane, you do not get a Start button/menu. If you hover over the bottom right corner, you get a small tile representing the Start pane. No menu, not here and not anywhere.

      For that matter, there's no "show desktop" button anymore either - Instead, hover over the bottom right corner.

      The wheels of progress keep... turning?

        Unpleasant? Please, now the start menu in legacy windows, that is unpleasant.

    thats my underpants... or do you mean under the underpants?

    Yeah? Well how about this microsoft? How about 3rd party applications that replace your "metrosexual" interface with a REAL menu? doesn't have to be the original, just function like it. Ah, good old 3rd party programming. solving windows os problems since it's creation.

    Wow... Microsoft are trying *really* hard to make me hate them again.

      The Microsoft doesn't fall far from the Apple ... this time, instead of faxing their UI, they're copying Apple's "seduce you and fuck you" ethic.

        Over the past year or so, Microsoft seems to have started turning into some bizarre combination of modern-day Apple, and the late '90's/early 00's "evil empire" Microsoft (an image they've spent the better part of a decade trying to shed).

    My laptop boots through to the desktop every time I start it and I haven't had to do anything to make it behave that way. I assume it is because there are no touch-enabled devices detected. So I am not quite sure what to make of the last comment on Win8, which suggest booting through to the desktop required some kind of hack.

    Yes, this is even more annoying than I first thought when I read the article the first time.

    Well... this has basically pushed my desire for Win8 out the window.

    I hate a lot of the things Vista introduced (read: forced upon us) but inept and clueless developers and design "gurus".. Win7 made a lot more mistakes and I was kinda hoping that with the fresh new look at Windows in general, Win8 was going to be the one that brings back the experience we all loved about WinXP.. the freedom, the adaptability, the openness etc etc..

    However now it appears that things are going back to Vista/7 design principles..

    What a shame, what a crying shame.

      Like what? If you have legitimate gripes and this is the best you can do to enunciate them, it is unsurprising things keep getting worse for you. I tried Stardock's "Start 8" and it made Windows 8 much worse than it was without it. And if MS left all the old code in there, they'd be pilloried for making bloatware and all the rest of it. The best they can do is what they believe will make Windows a better product, as opposed to what they did with Win7 - deliberate changes just to distance it from the perceived problems of Vista.

    while i'm generally in favor of windows 8, once you see this, it's hard to get it out of your head:

    While I understand what they're trying to do, I'm just not a fan of the metro interface, the xbox version is a cluttered mess of forced promotion and advertising banners. I'll just stick with win7, does the job for me just fine.

    While I didn't really use the classic start menu anyway, I did start using it in 7 in lieu of a quick launch button. My most frequently used programs are pinned to the taskbar, my current favourite games are shortcuts on the desktop, and everything else that I plan on using more than once is pinned to the start menu. Plus I use the search box like OSX's spotlight.

    As long as there is a way to access all of my programs without any more clicks or keystrokes than the above method, I'll be happy.

      If you upgrade your Win7 to Win8, all those pinned applications and desktop shortcuts will be retained exactly as you have them now.

    Or you could just use a 3rd party application like Rainmeter or RocketDock to simulate a start menu.

    Change for the sake of it? I don't mind Microsoft trying to do something different but its not listening to its customers and that will be the death of it.

    i get windows because i like how its set out and that its not mac.. now that its changing from what i like i may as well make the switch to mac seeing that i will have to get to somthing new either way

    i will definetly be waiting 6 months at least to see what can be done about metro.
    man, it just looks so damn ugly.

      Are you sure that's not just your reflection in your screen?

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