Lunchtime Deal: Two 4GB SD Cards for $6.95

You can never have too many memory cards, in my opinion, especially if you're a camera junkie prone to forgetting where you've left the last one you were using.

Thankfully, Cameras Direct has a special on that sees you nab two 4GB SanDisk SDHC cards for $6.95 delivered. Save yourself $16.05 on that one. [Cameras Direct via OzBargain]


    Umm. 4gb really?

      Yeah, only class 4 to. Maybe Class 6 8Gb..!

        class 4 is more than enough if your using it on a camera. class 6 is an overkill

          Maybe, but faster is better no matter what you use it on..

          When your camera shoots 12 FPS at 24MP 4MB/sec just ain't gonna cut it....

        Exactly... Class 4, forget it!

        I use these in my NEX camera: A-Data Class10 32GB SDHC card off eBay for just over $30. Almost the same cost per GB and a lot quicker without going up as far as the 'pro' cards; Then you up to $150 for 95MB/s transfer which would be wasted on me.

        Or, also from eBay, OEM Class10 32GB SDHC card for approx $19 if you're really strapped for cash. That's only 59c per GB. I would only guess though how fast/reliable these cards would really be.

          *Costs above included free postage.

    One you add postage to this it comes up to $13 or so, not really such a good deal.

    perfect for mucking round with a raspberry pi

    I got myself 3 x 32GB class 10 cards for $25 each.

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