LAX Free Wi-Fi Plans Hit A Snag

I've only been once, but from my limited experience I can safely say that Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is awful, it's not getting any better. The Los Angeles City Council plan that would have seen LAX slathered in free Wi-Fi has hit a roadblock, according to a local news outlet.

Daily Breeze reports that the Council's plan to provide LAX travellers with free Wi-Fi has been canned for the moment, after trouble in the tendering process:

The move comes one week after the Board of Airport Commissioners awarded a two-year, US$663,333 contract to Miami-based Advanced Wireless Group to provide free wireless Internet service to travellers passing through LAX.

Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino asked his colleagues to probe the circumstances surrounding the deal because airport officials selected Advanced Wireless Group as part of a sole-source contracting process, meaning the work could not be completed by anyone else.

I've been stuck on a 9-hour layover in LAX before, and the one thing that would have improved that painful experience would have been free Wi-Fi, because if there's anyone who can waste 9 hours on the internet, it's me. Certainly not looking forward to going back until this gets sorted. [Daily Breeze]



    Yep, wi-fi out there is pretty bad... I think it was a little better back in 2010? Bit definitely pretty horrible now. It's annoying, since LAX is generally a first port of call for us Aussies, s it's too early to have picked up a local sim and add data at that stage, so you're stuck with those expensive paid Wi-Fi vampires that are around the place.
    But then that's about the same as any Aussie airport.

    LAX awful.. in comparison to? Melbourne? Melbourne is so much worse!

    I actually found Singapore airport to be quite good, free wifi and couches and TV's and... monorails

      LAX better than Melbourne? You are forgiven, clearly you were under the influence of hallucinogenic substances when making that assessment. LAX is a run-down, dogs breakfast of an airport.

      As for free wifi, free is one thing; getting sensible use out of it with every other commuter in LAX is another altogether...

        I second that LAX is better than Melbourne, there isn't anywhere comfortable to have a long sit down.

          The only thing you can do it sit, wait, and stare at shitty qantas jets

      1+ for Singapore. I was stuck there for 24 hours last year and the free wi-fi (along with the monorails) made it less painful than it had to be. Also there is a butterfly enclosure. How cool is that?

        Yep and like 5 gardens as well. i got delayed for 17 hours... The soothed me haha

          The butterfly garden was amazing.

          Still think being stuck for 12 hours + you can do a little exploring of Singapore, it's a small country and amazing view.

    Theres an idea for a article. Comparison of the tech savvyness of airports

    Its free in Adelaide Airport.
    Although a single netgear AP would cover the majority of the terminal lol

      Sounds a lot like Armenia, Colombia. The whole place can be covered by WiFi hot spot on a phone


    There is a public lounge on the east (right) side of Tom Bradley terminal at LAX has free WiFi, so if you're there for ages thats the place to go. Lots of power points and comfy couches there too.

    Had to spend 26 hours there once, best part of LAX. The rest is a hole.

    I am reading this and feeling very guilty because I am at Orlando Florida airport using their free wifi. It is fast and absolutely everywhere in the airport. Very cool... I too was disappointed not to have wifi at LAX because that airport is old, dirty and boring

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