Launching Missiles From Ships Creates Hell On Earth

The fact that a missile can be launched from a ship to successfully intercept an incoming ballistic missile is amazing in itself. But when you launch it at night, creating a small hell on Earth for a few seconds, it's pretty damn cool.

This is a Standard Missile-3 Block 1B interceptor launched from the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Erie as part of the Missile defence Agency test in the Pacific Ocean. It successfully destroyed its target, which had been launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility, on Kauai, Hawaii, some minutes earlier. [Flickr]


    "successfully intercept an incoming ballistic missile" Yeahhhhhh, let me know how that works out, will you? What is it now, about a 50-65% success rate, if that. Basically a humongous political and financial white elephant for decades, but at least it convinced some former soviet republics and client states out from the Russian Federation umbrella which was part of its main purpose, the other being boosting confidence in allies and giving money to the US defence industry. The fact that it might actually work is pretty incidental, more a case of having enough stuff to convince people with.

    But yeah, reasonably flashy launch.

    Ozoneocean didn't live through the cold war years clearly was on some happy weed at the time. Where did you get you rubbish stats... The ICBM was such a deterrent - because of their accuracy and superiour mission success. Move 30 years on and try google - heck even YouTube - a backyard amature can build a device with 98% accuracy. What do you think our military forces can do then ? Man, Ozoneocean looksand feels like a second rate communist... They still can't build a decent car, but can lunch a spacecraft with within a 3 meter target window..,, yes their ICBM gear was accurate as well...

      I'm usually for Ozone's relentless deconstruction of articles but this one seems to be a miss

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