Kogan Now Selling Games

Looks like cheap gadgets and appliances aren't enough for Ruslan Kogan anymore. As of tonight his online store has dipped its toe into the world of video game retailing, but are they good value?

Six triple-A titles went live on Kogan's online store this evening for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, including Modern Warfare 3, FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3.

Both FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3 will set you back $49 plus shipping, while Modern Warfare 3 will cost you $56.

The games are international imports and as a result, Kogan stresses, the product "may not support online gaming" -- something that's likely to be a dealbreaker for three of the hottest multiplayer titles of the last 12 months.

Limitations aside though, the prices aren't streets ahead of major Australian retailers. EB Games will sell you Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition on PS3 and Xbox 360 for (at the time of publication) $56 plus shipping. Admittedly, that's a special. The normal RRP is $109.95.

Compare the price to popular international importer PlayAsia, though, and you'll find yourself saving money -- the stuff that folds, too. PlayAsia will sell you a copy of Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360 for $40.46, for example.

It's nice to see Kogan get into games. Surely the market needs another player as GAME folds. We're still waiting to hear back if Kogan will sell consoles, or if it's just games.

Image: Kogan Technologies

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    personally I use Ozgameshop, free shipping on everything and I've generally found the pricing to be pretty much as low as it gets.

    Lol, just bought a 360+kinect for that $200 deal, bet you anything Kogan will now real ease the same thing for $50 less :)

    Stop trying to coin the phrase "streets ahead".

      Coined, and minted! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf1GSjo4zSY

        I always thought it was "streaks ahead"

          Ugh, you're the worst.

    The games are international imports and as a result, Kogan stresses, the product “may not support online gaming”

    Wait, I thought Kogan ships from UK/Europe and shouldn't PAL games(from that region) work on Aussie consoles?

      Nah, its only banned games that are "barred" from online play. Also, another tip is LIVE Gold cards are global, but Microsoft Points are region specific (dont know 'bout PSN). Funny thing is, even though, say Mortal Kombat is banned from online play, you still get the actual title updates. In my experience, all codes have always worked on UK imports, on an Aussie account too!

      I think what you are talking about is the difference between "International" imports (region free, so works on both NTSC & PAL), and UK imports (PAL)which are exactly the same region as ours, only difference is the localised rating information printed on the cover insert. An interesting thing to note, is that alot of "Australian" copies of games, actually still have the UK (PEGI) printed discs in the case, and have just printed new inserts (then wacking $40+ on that!). Also note UK imports being sold, at full retail, in EB and whatnot with the aussie rating just being a sticker wacked on the cover, covering the UK rating!

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      trolololer much? what do u expect for the price u pay? a 2 grand samsung full hd 3d smart tv? tell me a decent TV for the same price or cheaper than a kogan TV you can get a better picture for besides the ones that are not on sale?

      kogan may not be as good as the top brands, but for the price you pay for when you are on a budget it does the job, so what do you expect? and my friend has had one for the past 5 years and it still works perfect.

    Ozgameshop still looks to be the cheapest from what i can see

    ^Well said, my brother in-law bought his kids a $100 8" Android tablet for them to watch some show and play games when they went out. His friend walks up and says this isn't as good as my Samsung Galaxy Tab. My brother-in-laws reply, "It may not be the fastest or the clearest but it keeps my kids happy and if they break it, I have another one in the cupboard"

    Back on topic Ozgameshop for me too.

    Another Ozgameshop convert here - I'm beginning to believe that the local market should be using this and Playasia as the thermostat for pricing in AU. If they don't more $ are simply going to head offshore.

    I just got MW3 for $35 from ozgameshop with free shipping.

    I get all my games from ozgameship and zavvi, best prices for the last few years :)

    Jb Hi Fi are selling FIFA 12 local stock for $44 whic is far cheaper than Kogan and JB are also selling imported games, I saw JB had Mass effect 3 for only $39 vs ozgameshop at $44!

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