Kogan Agora Tablet Shipments Delayed Due To Upgraded Hardware

If you're checking your mailbox every day looking for your sub-$200 Kogan Agora tablet, you're not going to like this. It's been delayed again until next month, but there's a good reason.

The device runs Android 4.0, more commonly known as Ice Cream Sandwich and sold out in days when it first when on sale.

Angus over at Lifehacker has a letter from Kogan to customers who have pre-ordered the Agora tablets. The letter talks about the delay but promises an upgraded tablet that now includes Bluetooth and an IPS panel.

I think that's something worth waiting for. [Lifehacker Australia]



    i can testify that the tablet would be shizen without the ips panel. smart move kogan

    Looks like they’ve changed to the Eken A90 as OEM.


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