KFC Is Officially Bringing Back The Double [Updated]

Bacon fans rejoice, for your Facebook Likes have forced KFC Australia to officially bring back the bunless, bacon-laden burger known as the Double.

No word yet on when KFC will add the Double back to the menu for Aussies, but the Colonel has said that it's only going to be for two days, so you'll have to be quick.

KFC Australia had outed a social media campaign to bring back the infamous bunless burger when it reached 500,000 Likes on its Facebook brand page. KFC hit its target on Saturday.

Update: KFC Australia has announced that it'll be available on 27-28 June.[KFC Australia]


    Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips


    27th & 28th June according to this Facebook post.

    Seriously? No wonder Australia is following the US in fast-food related health problems... it's only lucky that we have Medicare and they don't.
    I spose that's KFC/McD's/BK's target market though, the dumb and lazy that don't know how to cook.

      Lucky its only for 2 days then

      Seriously? Do you realise that the fillets only have 7 grams of fat in them, and bacon and cheese are common in a lot of foods. Or is it just a case of it looks like it could be unhealthy so it's causing all the worlds problems. Do you complain when somebody buys a fillets box?
      There's always people who just jump in to whinge about anything fast food related, when in reality it's nowhere near as bad as they think it is.

      Speak for yourself, I'm fit and healthy. I should be able to responsibly consume such food should I choose to do so.

      As I peer above my tofu and tibetan albino yaks cheese wholemeal pita...... That aint living Ollie!!!!
      Being a food floosy, what can I say I love it all, its purely about moderation.
      Also your making a sweeping statement about the intellect of people due to their food choices, we generally lead a life thats often time poor and heavily loaded with work related responsibilites hence peoples leaning towards "convenience" foods.
      In simple terms you sort of become a "food racist" ollie and that aint cool.
      But I will will finish on this note.
      I will buy one because I can........
      I will buy one because I can.

    It looks so delicious in that pic, if only that's what you got handed over the counter and not the slop that you actually receive.

      It never looks as good as it does in the ads, that goes for everywhere.

        I was given a .psd file a few weeks ago for a fast-food ad from major *cough, not saying which one* fast food chain. It was a big hero shot with the icy-cold drink, yummy brown fries, etc etc. I lost count of the number of layers in that thing; it would put any women's fashion pic to shame.

    "In the news tonight* hospitals around Australia are clogging with victims of heart attacks caused by a junk food binge." KFC declined to be interviewed. *28/6

    Bring it on! Had one before, will stop by and grab one on the 27th sometime I reckon.

    How stupid, why not a Friday/Saturday??

    There's no KFC in North Sydney which is where I am all day, there is one near my house though so I could have gone in on Saturday. I'd imagine that these things are amazing for a hang over...

    You don't have to eat it if you don't want to... honestly.. there was way too much fuss about it being unhealthy.. there are a lot of unhealthy things out there and if you went to KFC and bought TWO burgers with bacon and cheese, removed the bun and then ate it sandwiched together.. what is the fricken difference?? People can still choose to be unhealthy... anyone with half a brain knows how unhealthy (and in the scheme of things it's really not that bad) this is... so they can simply choose not to eat it.....

    reminds me of the ribwich.

    Mmm delish. It's probably worse now that it is only available for two days. People will rush. Whereas if it were on the menu all the time, I'd only have one once every few months.

    KFC DOUBLE: 1939 kJ (450 kcal), 22.3g fat (total)
    McD DOUBLE QUARTER POUNDER: 3560 kJ (852 kcal), 53.3g fat (total)

    Are we really complaining about a menu item that consists of 1/4 you daily caloric intake and 1/3 your daily fat intake which will be available for 2 days, when far worse monstrosities are available 365 days a year?

    sources: http://kfc.com.au/nutrition/documents/Nutrition-Information-KFC-Double-National-Promo.pdf (via lifehackerAU)

      Thank you.

    Slow news day...great article to see on a tech blog.

    *sigh* I'm a troll.

    Now all the need is the KFC Pie like New Zealand

    Sweet, they bring it back on the days i am at work and cant grab one. Thanks KFC.

    You could make your own at home, get some crumbed breast fillet chicken pieces such as inghams, some bacon and cheese...simple, and you can usually get the breast fillet pieces in various flavours

    Never eating that awful KFC garbage again.

    I have only had food poisoning 5 times in my life, and three of them were from KFC.

      Woah! Is your closest KFC a 3 hour drive away and you wait until you get home to eat it? What's the deal?

    It's all part of the goodification!

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