Kat Dennings Comes To Kickstarter

Kat Dennings Comes To Kickstarter

Wondering why your Kickstarter project didn’t take off? Maybe you should get Hollywood starlet Kat Dennings to direct and star in your pitch video next time?

The charming pitch video shows you a product that throws a locater onto your keyring so you’ll never lose your keys again. That locater is then tethered to an app that helps you track the often lost bits of security jingle.

It’s a cool product if it works, and it’ll be interesting to see how a celebrity appearance alters the buying habits of Kickstarter backers. Right now it’s only got 38 backers and a funding total of US$2470 — well short of the US$46,000 needed.

Of course if you’re wondering how the project’s founder Geoffrey Litwack got Dennings to appear in the video, you need look no further than simple nepotism: they’re siblings.

Hollywood and nepotism aside, you’ve got until 17 July to pledge for the key finder thing. [Kickstarter]