Joe Hockey: 4G Will Outpace The NBN

Joe Hockey: 4G Will Outpace The NBN

Here we go again. Delimiter is reporting comments made by Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey, saying that he believes 4G networks are far superior to the technology behind the National Broadband Network (NBN). Also, he uses a wireless iPad, you guys.

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Hockey told ABC Radio that 4G is the future, not fibre to the home, while reciting the same old chestnut that wireless devices like the iPad are demonstrating the people’s demand for wireless networks, rather than the fibre.

“4G has the capacity to be far superior to the NBN,” Hockey said, before saying making his case for wireless devices:

“I don’t know about you but I use an iPad. The iPad I carry around in the car, I don’t have a cable dragging behind the car. I use wireless technology and I think that’s the way that functionality is going.”


As we know from watching the performance of telcos like Telstra and Vodafone, network speed, latency and overall performance depend on just how many people are using the network at the one time. 4G might be great now, but throw a few million more people onto it at once and see how you go.

You just need to pull into a train station at peak hour or wander into a CBD food court at lunchtime to see how bad network congestion really is.

Delimiter does a good job of poking considerable holes in Hockey’s other arguments. Well worth a read. [Delimiter]