Is The Retina Display On Your New MacBook Pro Ghosting Images?

Owners of Apple's latest and greatest laptop, the MacBook Pro with retina display, say that they're having issues with image persistence, where screen ghosts are popping up on white backgrounds for as long as five minutes after the image initially appeared.

CNET says that Apple has exchanged a few laptops already, but is this a case of early manufacturing issues, or is it a larger engineering flaw? [Apple via Apple Insider via CNET]


    You're looking at it wrong.

      Agree, don't look at it with your left eye. All apple products are designed for the right side of the body only.

    Steve Jobs returns to chastise the unnecessary technical advancements above functionality!

    This sounds like a pretty weird thing. You have to think it is an engineering issue.

      These issues are manufacturing issues. This devices would have been tested in labs for much longer and harder than any user has had the Retina MacBook. Looks like Apple need to keep a closer eye on their quality control.

        Exactly. Apple is all about the user experience. They would never let a device with an engineering fault of this magnitude go to market.

          Who said antenna...shhh....SHHHHH....APPLE PRODUCT IS BEST PRODUCT.

    No no no you got it all wrong...its called Retina iMemory....and its designed to replace the Time Capsule ;-)

    I actually get this on my iPad 2

      Me too, I took it into an Apple store with a week left on the warranty and they swapped it over with a re-furb. The techs there all said they'd never seen ghosting like that before so I think it's rare.

      If you are still in warranty take it back for shizzle.

    I had thought that LCD screens were immune to this but after seeing it happen on my HP Touchpad several times I have changed my mind. The strange thing is there is no real pattern to how it happens.

    Given that the iPad 2 and HP Touchpad both share 10 inch IPS screens Im wondering if its a certain manufacturer's screens that has this issue (LG??)

      That should have been in response to Brent's comment sorry.

    Nice troll fodder. You seem to have got a bag full today. Now pat yourself on the back.

      It would be super awesome if you could either reply to someone or reply to the post in a constructive or meaningful way. It's actually useful for me to know that this is happening so I know the user, my potential customer, isn't just having buyer's remorse in trying to get a refund on their expensive new toy.

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