Is China Stealing America's Top Stealth Fighter Jet Secrets?

This is going to make some people scream. On the right, the J-20 stealth fighter jet, made in China for the People's Liberation Army Air Force. On the left, the F-22 stealth fighter jet, made in the America exclusively for the United States Air Force.

Or maybe it's the other way around?

Actually, the one on the left is the first head-on shot of the J-20, showing its holographic Heads Up Display. The one on the right is Lockheed Martin's F-22 Raptor, which is the most advanced stealth jetfighter in the world; a single-seat, twin-engine fifth-generation plane that moves like no other in the sky.

Most of the F-22 Raptor is still secret. Unlike the rest of the USAF's fighter plane fleet, this is a plane that doesn't get manufactured to any other country in the world. It's the top dog; the untouchable aeroplane that is supposed to be uncontested in any air battle scenario. This jet is the guarantee of the US military air superiority against any other nation in the world.

But maybe this is not the case any more. Looking at the comparison, it seems like there may have been some leaks. In fact, this comparison image is screaming espionage and reverse engineering with a 20,000W speaker right on Uncle Sam's face. A 20,000W speaker made in China. [China Defense Blog]

The Chengdu J-20, China's first stealth fighter jet.

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, the top air superiority jet of the United States Air Force.


    I had no idea that the US military establishment had a secret intellectual stranglehold on the use of green lights, glass canopies, hydraulic canopy locks, and handles to assist cockpit entry and exit. You have truly enlightened me.

    Seriously, the J-20 looks NOTHING like an F-22. With its nose canard design it's far closer to the Eurofighter Typhoon.


      "This just in: China cutlery has a striking resemblance to America's - THEY STOLE IT!"

        really? chopsticks look like knives and forks?

          Cutlery made out of China wouldn't really work very well

      LOL!! exactly what i was saying to myself while reading it. China should change the light to red and be like "wtf? looks totally different"

      Y'all miss the point here. The question is, who patented the design first. The F22 looks classical Apple and Samsung designed J-20 is NOTHING like it.

      Are you seriously going to say they look nothing alike you need your eyes checked buddy their almost identical! Wake up!

    Yeah but the chinese one is made from balsa wood and scrap metal by a farmer in his spare time

    +1. Guz, you've clearly shown you know nothing of aurcrafts. Stick to computer reviews.

      Only a select few know much about aurcrafts.

      they also don't know left from right. top of article says the chinese plane is in the right side photo but bottom pics have them labelled other way around.

        Are you trolling? I hope so.

        Geeeez, Please read completely before posting an ignorant criticism.

        "Or maybe it’s the other way around?

        Actually, the one on the left is the first head-on shot of the J-20, showing its holographic Heads Up Display. The one on the right is Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor"

    The front of it looks a little similar, but the rear fuselage and forward mounted elevators look Typhoon-ish.

    Hmmm.. the forward canards may be there for effect, but in general I think they've changed the design enough to be able to call it their own regardless of whether they pinched the plans. The big test will be how it flies and fights. Certainly looks sweet enough though.

    Based on what I've read about the USA's recent fighter efforts I'd say there is a very easy way to tell if China has copied the F-22. If the Chinese plane stays in the air,, it's not a copy.

    The Chinese stealth fighter looks more stealthy...This is like George Lucas bitching about the first guy who invents a real light saber ripping off his design. News for ya George - you didn't invent a real one and the first guy to invent a real one will own your ass.

    There are some unjustifiable assumptions here, for example "the F22 is the best...". A number of interesting but peaceful encounters between F22 and other aircraft suggest that "best" is not easy to define.

    Additionally, the US does not is not the only country to possess intelligent and original engineers and scientists; for any American to believe this would be quite dangerous.

    Does the chinese one not look like a 3d rendering to anyone else??

      If you're talking about 'Leonard Low's' link, then obviously yes that's a rendering, the original photo at the top is kinda misleading though!

    Oh look, this other car manufacturer has used speed dials and a steering wheel.. Blatant copying!

    Jesus, I am not trying to be affensive but you are very Pro American. As a reporter you should be neutral and reporting fact. I am not Anti American, but I try to read as much as I can and keep an open mind and neutral stance.

    Whenever a story like this pops up, I can't help but reflect that Chinese Defense were the same guys that used stills from Top Gun to show their new jet 'in action'. I'm sure Giz reported on this as well a while back...

    too bad J-20 and Sukhoi PAK FA is still decade away from service where US has two 5th gen jet F-22 and F-35 in service

    Wait, did I just read an American military company is doing business with the CHinese government? And this is allowed?

    I did hear about the actual plans being stolen in a hacking attack recently

    Oh noes, the new super secret HUD using tech from the 60's is known the to enemy, what ever shall we do D:

    Same thing happened in the Korean War as is happening now with the Mig 15. On paper it was a superior aircraft but the Americans still had the advantage with more skilled pilots and a higher quality plane (Sabre).

    This has been happening for ever;

    It’s just taken a more modern form, that can be done from anywhere on the planet. All corners of the globe have taken part in espionage and attempts to obtain military secrets, that's why we have processes in place to protect our military secrets. If America's processes do not work.... change them. Stop bleating USA and tighten the security surrounding your trillion dollar tech investments.

    Lol, isn't the F-22 totally FUBAR anyway?

      No, it's totally fine... unless you expect an oxygen breathing human to fly it.

    No one cared when Isreal stole the plans for the Mirage and built the IAI Nesher. Now these two look similar.

    MUCH more blatant copying!

    the shape is probably the (computed) most effective anti-radar design. the hatches actually look fairly different.

    It's the tech inside that is most important. Until these two planes meet. We'll never know.

    Thing about the Chinese is, they understand mass production on the cheap. If the F22 is only marginally better, it'll lose as the Chinese will win the numbers game.

    US owes China over a trillion $$$. So Uncle Sam is China's biggest market and hello! biggest debtor nation. They make things for sale just like Uncle Sam, only at much lower costs. Nothing wrong there aside from using prison and cheap labour. If China ever goes to war (IF that is) it will be over OIL, which Uncle Sam has been doing with Iraq ostensibly to free the dumb Iraqis and install REAL democracy. Iraq is still a basket case, Afghan is not far behind, and Syria too.

    Let the Chinese play with their new wealth, they'll squander it on weapons design and purchases and become poor again in the next few decades, as USA is now. Heheheh...

    The world goes round and round and round ...karmic man...

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