iPhone 5 Could Look As Beautiful As These 3D Renders

I was sceptical about the rumoured next-generation iPhone's design. The two-tone unibody enclosure shown in crappy videos didn't say anything to me. Then I saw these 3D renderings that were created using allegedly leaked parts as reference.

Now I'm starting to love it.

While the current iPhone 4 and 4S takes me back to the '70s -- especially with my JackBack on -- so-called leaks of the new iPhone reminds me of the '80s. The two-tone black anodised aluminium reminds me of the old AV Sony designs of the era -- like its first CD player.

While general design spirit of this render seems more '80s, the perforated grills flanking the new nano-dock port screams high tech.

The front is just glass, like it always has been. Aligning the camera in the centre with the speaker grill, screen and home button is a small change that makes all the difference in these rendered images. [Flickr]



    Far out, it looks like a copy of a Galaxy SII. Is that the best Apple can do since Jobs died?

      How does it copy the SII?

    So its basically exactly the same except for a matt back with glossy bits top and bottom.
    I wouldnt call it beautiful, id call it dull....Lumia 800 and 900....THEY are beautiful

      True Garrick! Had a good go of one the other day and was impressed! Think its time for a change from ios

    The iPhone Interface looks so old and outdated.

    I wonder if Apple will be sued because if the design and size of the iPhone, that is if it's getting bigger.

    "the perforated grills flanking the new nano-dock port screams high tech"
    No it doesn't, that screams "lame cliche", it's one of the main reasons the design looks fake. I really hope it is.

    I'm not an iPhone guy but my hopes for the iPhone 5 are that this new nano-dock can be connected either way. because if apple does it maybe everyone else will follow suit!

    no one can sue apple for design they patented the rectangle and now the wedge shape of their mac air i think the square is next then the wheel

    More Carbon, Bad for Environment!! Giving one more reason for the Carbon Tax :P

    Sorry but ugly!

    Rule of everything - If it aint broke don't fix it (by too much anyway) i like the design but saddens me that they haven't gone all bad-boy and created a new masterpiece. But i hark back to my 1st sentence... it aint broke.

    Luv it; gorgeous renders!!
    Now Apple just need to update the headphone/mic unit to be more like (a-JAYS Four) with tangle free cables.
    a-JAYS Four link; h**p://jays.se/a-jays-four?___SID=U
    (Link is deactivated please replace ** with tt, if you wish to see this very cool unit).

    it looks like an iPhone 4 with a case on it

    Of course, you won't see any of this because you'll have to rap it in rubber. Not exactly the great industrial design everyone seems to suggest it is?

    Haters even hate imaginary iPhones!

    Well I really like it. Minimalist design with a small screen increase is exactly what I'm hoping for. And I cant wait to buy it, jailbreak it and then see what it can really do.

    Not sure that I like the idea of the Headphone/Earphone port being
    at the base of the phone.

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