Instant Deodorising Machine Takes The Stink Out Of Nappy Changes

It was originally developed for use in hospitals where nurses have to deal with nappy and bedpan changes all day long, but this instantaneous deodoriser would probably be gladly embraced by new parents too.

Composed of a long articulated arm with a cone collector at one end, the machine isn't exactly inconspicuous, but if it deals with odours as effectively as it claims, who cares? The deodoriser's secret weapon doesn't lie in its weird design; instead, it uses a special activated charcoal to absorb the stink. The charcoal used in filters like a Brita pitcher has very small pores that can only absorb a small range of particles. But the charcoal used in this deodoriser has larger pores that can absorb a wide variety of particles and odours, making it very effective at neutralising the noxious fumes coming from a dirty nappy.

For the time being, the deodoriser is only available in a larger model designed for use in hospitals, but its creators are working on a smaller commercial version too. And hopefully someday the technology can be integrated directly into toilets, because it's not like that stuff starts smelling like roses the day you stop wearing nappies. [DigInfo TV via Akihabara News]

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