Insanely Detailed Display Squeezes Over One Million Pixels Into Just 2.3 Inches

If you've oohed and aahed over the beautiful hi-res retina displays on the iPhone 4 and new iPad, prepare to have your mind completely blown by how much resolution Japan Display has squeezed into its new minuscule LCD screens.

The company has managed to cram a resolution of 1280x800 — the same as what the new rumoured 13.3-inch MacBook Pros will have — into a widescreen display that measures just 2.3 inches across. That equates to 651 pixels per inch, or basically twice the resolution of the iPhone 4's 326ppi retina display. And with that many pixels, even the thinnest of curved lines being displayed will never appear aliased to the human eye or even a decent macro lens. While many will consider this much resolution overkill, even for users with a sharp eye, we'll never turn down a few extra pixels.




    please put this in a slim watch phone

    I assume that the resolution is vertically double as well which translates to 4x the pixels unless I'm mistaken which makes the achievement even profound.

      More profound

        651ppi is pretty much double 326ppi... no mate not 4x

          Actually, it depends on whether you believe "800x600" is double or quadruple "400x300". Some will say double, because the dimensions have doubled. Some will say quadruple, because the total number of pixels is four times as many. That's why QVGA (quarter-VGA) is half the height and half the width of standard VGA.

          So The Joker was correct to say that in the end, there are 4x as many pixels when talking about total pixel count in the same area in 2 dimensions. But Mac is also right to say that "pixel density" is only double, since when we look at pixel density (measured in pixels per inch [ppi]) we're only looking at 1 dimension.

            My bad. I thought ppi was pixels per SQUARE inch

    Isn't this even better?

    This brings and LCD display in line with a modern Laser printer printout.

    And while we might scoff at this resolution as being somewhat unnecessary, I'm sure it would make a big difference to Japanese/Chinese character readability!

    Always been like this for this market.. I remember the very first calculator style electronic translators being better than regular computer monitors and TVs. This will definitely be an improvement in this space where the Chinese/Japanese characters can get quite complex and a single stroke or two can make all the difference in the meaning of individual characters.

    I can clearly see aliasing .... with a macro lens!

    Ok can't wait for a 27" monitor with this ppi. LOL

    It is interesting to note that this resolution and pixel density is not unusual.
    All that is happening here is that some people are now noticing it
    Perhaps because they have to write about something everyday.
    Consumer 4k projectors have been available for two years or so that have similar pixel density.

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