Improved Multitool Design Makes Room For A Built-in Spanner

Breaking away from the traditional split-handle design used by Gerber and Leatherman, CRKT's new multitool works more like a Swiss Army knife with fold-out tools. But it's also got a heftier housing that makes room for a multi-fit spanner.

So while you sacrifice a pair of pliers, you gain other functionality including screwdrivers that pop-out like switch-blades, a utility knife that can also be opened with just one hand, and a sharp saw blade for emergency carpentry work. Unfortunately given the saw blade is so short and so thick it's going to take quite a bit of effort to work your way through even a tree branch. So it's probably best to consider the $US50 CRKT a compact emergency toolbox you can keep stashed in your glove compartment, instead of your everyday go-to pocket knife.

[Columbia River Knife & Tool Inc. via The Gadgeteer]

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