If You Like Hot Sauce, This Might Change Your Life

Hot sauce, adored worldwide as a way of numbing your mouth into liking something, is a modern kitchen staple. And Sriracha, the iconic red rooster magic juice, is perhaps king of hot sauces. What if you could spray it?

Like what napalm did for the common flame, Sprayacha now does for hot sauce — you won't have to drizzle and squirt in messy squiggles. Just screw on a spray nozzle from anything that fits — if it's bleach, maybe wash it out first. You can now straight up carpet bomb that plate of rice and eggs (ew) with a heavy mist of tangy oils, vinegar, and chilli paste, all distributed evenly. Or whatever is in Sriracha — its mystique is sort of its charm, like Agent Orange.

Some Redditors were worried the spray nozzle and tubing might clog, but really, that's what you're worried about? You're now holding a gun filled with the most delicious sauce known to man, except maybe ranch. Spray your plate, spray your enemies, just spray something. [FoodBeast]


    I use that sauce a lot and can tell you that clogging WILL be a major issue because it happens ALL the time with the standard lid/nozzle...

    where can you buy this sauce in Australia? sounds to be popular world around.. might have to give it a try as i love my hot sauce. i know you can get it online, but thought someone might know who stock it

    I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and I've found it at a place called "Asian Foods 4 U" or something in Maroochydore. It must be in other places also but I haven't seen it yet.

    Well worth going to some trouble to aquire :)

    Ironically it's manufactured in California

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