Hybrid Paperclip USB Drive Is Not That Clever

At first glance, a paperclip/USB flash drive hybrid seems like a good idea, right? You can hand someone a secured stack of documents that also includes a digital version of all the files. And a built-in one-inch ruler is bonus functionality.

But once you actually start working out the logistics, particularly given this flash drive's design, you start to question whether it's actually a good idea. As a ruler it's uselessly short, as a paperclip it's awkward to use, and as a flash drive $US108 is asinine for just 8GB of storage. [Frohne via Core77]


    Agreed... Just like putting a bottle opener on an iphone... Lets open a fizzy drink with this $1000 phone... Woohoo!

      How. Dare. You. Haha the opena is my favourite iPhone case ever. I have never had an issue with it, and the guys that make it even made a video to prove it was ok. Also, bitches love it.

        i agree, i use mine all the time.
        i dont carry keys with me all the time, but usually always have my phone.

    It gets better - with the clip oriented that way the dongle is going to stick out like dongles' bells.

    Had they had the "open" end of the clip in the middle instead, the thing might have been stable and had a chance of stay clipped onto the docs.

    Bring on the MakiBox so we can start cranking stuff like this ourselves - but stuff that actually works!

    Opening bottles is what nail guns are for.

      Nah openning bottles are what teeth are for!

        G'luck with your visit to the dentist.

          I have an idea guys... wat we need is a unique standalone device to open bottles, and how would it be if u culd clip it to your keys or something.... oh wait

    make it like 128mb and put it around 2-3 bucks seems far more feasible than 8gb. especially if its to hold true to its idea, documents dont need 8gb of storage


    Who do they think they are, Apple?

      Now now Nathan, don't start the apple bagging, although I must say, using an iPhone as a bottle opener is probably one of the more useful things it can be used for ;-)

      stop thinking apple overcharge. because they don't.

      their products are priced similarly to other players in the market. people like you just compare a $999 64gb 4S to a $50 telstra prepaid android handset.

      That's like saying rolls royce overcharge people by asking a price of $1million AUD for their phantom when you can get a suzuki alto for $11,990 drive away.

      ^ Classic

        "We've not just improved on the paperclip, we've completely re-invented it!"

    Well it's got all this other stuff too:
    "The gold connector is scratch resistant, extreme weather resistant, dust resistant, shock resistant, water resistant (salt & fresh water), alcohol resistant, and electromagnetic resistant
    The eClip has data encryption, password protection, and computer lock"

    But yeah... $108 for a paperclip is pretty insane. Given it's shape, it's that functionality that makes up the majority of it.
    As a simple USB flash drive with the paper clip and token ruler it'd make a decent novelty promotional product. He should be able to make some money out of his patent that way. He's kidding himself with the premium product angle.

    surely something like this is just as good... and not $100

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