HTC One X Works As A Hammer

If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning... but if I didn't have a hammer and had some kind of need for a hard-hitting, nail-thumping implement, the HTC One X would apparently work just as well.

This will void your warranty if something goes wrong; I have no real way of telling what kind of wood the Russian hosts of this video are using, or why indeed you'd want to use a high-end smartphone to punch nails into a block of wood in the first place. Still, it's clearly hammer time. [YouTube via Phandroid]


    There is a similar video for the Nokia Lumia 900. I'm sure the gorilla glass can handle it but its not something I'd be willing to try with y own phone, thanks very much.

    World's best phone just became an overpriced hammer.

    Yes, I said 'world's best phone', S3 fanboys. Come at me.

    What we really need is an iphone vs. One X comparison on this feature!

    I have the HTC one x and love it, but I'll be sticking with hammers for banging nails in and my one x for showing off

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