Holden Volt To Appear On Victorian Roads

Holden Volt To Appear On Victorian Roads

The battery-powered Holden Volt will roll out on Australian roads over the next few weeks, but for now, commoners like you and I will only be able to watch from afar.

Holden Australia announced yesterday that it has joined other cars in the Victorian government’s Electric Vehicle Trial, meaning that Holden staff will live with the cars as an extended test for the next 12 weeks.

The Holden staff will also blog, tweet and Facebook their experiences using the extended-range, electric vehicles.

Holden claims that the car only needs between six and eight hours to charge from an outlet, meaning that drivers will rarely need to fill up with petrol. The eight hour charge will see the car run purely from its lithium-ion batteries for around 80 km. When the batteries run dry, the Volt powers up its petrol engine that is purely designed for recharging the batteries on the run, rather than powering the wheels. As a result of the two combined, Holden claims the full range of the car is 600km.

Mere mortals will get to drive the Volt when it arrives in Australia late this year at the rather uncomfortable price of around $60,000.

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