Holden Volt To Appear On Victorian Roads

The battery-powered Holden Volt will roll out on Australian roads over the next few weeks, but for now, commoners like you and I will only be able to watch from afar.

Holden Australia announced yesterday that it has joined other cars in the Victorian government's Electric Vehicle Trial, meaning that Holden staff will live with the cars as an extended test for the next 12 weeks.

The Holden staff will also blog, tweet and Facebook their experiences using the extended-range, electric vehicles.

Holden claims that the car only needs between six and eight hours to charge from an outlet, meaning that drivers will rarely need to fill up with petrol. The eight hour charge will see the car run purely from its lithium-ion batteries for around 80 km. When the batteries run dry, the Volt powers up its petrol engine that is purely designed for recharging the batteries on the run, rather than powering the wheels. As a result of the two combined, Holden claims the full range of the car is 600km.

Mere mortals will get to drive the Volt when it arrives in Australia late this year at the rather uncomfortable price of around $60,000.

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    The US gets it for, what? $30k plus government subsidy?
    With Prius and other hybrids around, i doubt its going to sell well at all...

    my petrol powered BMW gets ~700km from a tank. this is without the need to charge the thing with electricity for 8hrs.
    how much electricity does it use for a charge?
    with the price of elec going through the roof, i really can't see this as a viable option any more. maybe it would have been useful 20-30 years ago.


        Driving My Amazing Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle since March 12, 2012. Have put 3,797 miles so far. Total gas used- 3 1/2 gallons of gas! This gives me a fuel economy of......1,084 MPG!
        Drive Freeway to work at 70-80 mph 12 miles. Plug in at work using crusty 110V outlet behind building. Drive 35-50 mph, city street back home at night.
        Plug in at home couple of hours a night-Costs me maybe $17.00 a month electric- Saving $245.00 cost of petrol each month-

        Saving more then $7,500.00 in petrol over the term of mt 3 year lease! Amazing!

      I think you'll find the volt will use very little petrol compared to your BMW. Also the ability to create electricity from renewable sources is yet a further advantage. I'm sure better vehicles will emerge over the next decade but the process to a better world must start somewhere.

        I think you'll also find the cost of electricity is much lower than the price of petrol.
        Its official EU fuel economy figure is 1.2L/100km.
        Based off my calculations, 10A x 240V x 8h = 2.4KW x 8h = 19.2 kWh for a full charge.
        At my current electricity rate at home (24.02c per KWh) would result in $4.61 to fully charge the car.
        So at 80km per charge. That's about $5.7 per 100km.
        Compare that to a petrol car of say 7L/100km (that of the Cruze) at current price of $1.32 per L for regular unleaded gives $9.24 per 100km.

        So the volt is about 40% cheaper to run if you never use the petrol engine. In a year, Jay Leno has travelled more than 16,000km in his Volt in Los Angeles without once having to put petrol in the car.

        Correct my maths if I'm wrong. Although I must say the $60K price tag is a bit steep.

          Very glad you went to the trouble to spell out your calculations. Thanks! Sure you don't work for holden? ;)

            Ha no I don't, but ever since I saw the Jaguar Concept car CX-75 I've been obsessed with Electric vehicles with a back up ranged extender. Although the Jag idea of kero burning turbines is way cooler (and more efficient) petrol stations don't stock kero. Although it is cheaper than petrol I think.
            Based on what the concept car had in it, I think a scaled down less powerful version is the future of large cars in Australia (who's market is falling sharply). My commodore for example is heavy enough and has enough room to easily fit 4 electric motor and batteries, and its large enough to greatly benefit from being electric. Costs me $100 to fill up the 72L tank these days.

            Actually the Volt has a 16kw battery, and it only a bit over 1/2 of that to run the electric motor (never fully charging or depleting to extend the life of the batter), so its 8kw to travel 80km.

            I suspect travel distance will be closer to 60 to 70km as range is given between 25 to 50 miles in the US depending on environmental conditions and driving styles. I pay 18 cents per Kw, so if I did get 70km on a charge, it would only cost $1.44 total.

            My only grievance with the Volt is the 60k+ price tag. The car sells for about 40k in the US, with a subsidy of $7,500 from the federal government, with other subsidies from the state where you buy it. Effectively, it can be priced at $30k. we are going to pay 60k (65k with dealer delivery charges) with no incentives from the government at this stage – i.e. no import fee exemptions, subsidies, or other assistance.

            Of course if it were built here in Australia, we should expect around the same price as the US, if not cheaper. Alas, this is not to be with very small numbers expected to sell.

        Welcome to Australia, Where Miles are called Kilometers, Gallons are called Litres and Gas is called Petrol.
        Oh, and Chevy's are called Holdens.

      And how much does it cost you to drive it for 700km? A Volt will do 700km for just a few bucks if you don't use the petrol engine. Even on a long trip, I think the fuel tank is only 40 litres, so that's 600km from 40 litres. It is very efficient because the engine runs at optimum revs all the time and only cuts in when needed to keep charge in the batteries.

      The US has much higher electrcity prices than we do and it costs less than $2 to charge the batteries. $2 will buy you about 1.3 litres of petrol. At 8 l/100km that would get you around 16km. For the same money a Volt will go around 64km. i.e. It will cost one-quarter as much to run as a petrol car.

        "The US has much higher electrcity prices than we do" - Are you sure about that?......

      How big is your tank? I get 650km from my 30L tank.

      Now lets compare it on a real drive like you would in Australia , maybe interstate
      "without using the engine"and see where it gets us ? (I'd take a horse at that time frame)

        Depends how you use a car I suppose. For me, I do 90% of driving in metro.. all drives (including to and from) are less than 80km (less than 50km even). For the other 10% (and that is an exageration) I drive to Gosford from Sydney.. it would use the petrol enging "part" of the way.. but not the whole way.. that's the point of a hybrid.

        Why? That's like testing a petrol engined car by only using first gear and seeing how far you get. The petrol engine is there precisely for a "real drive like you would in Australia".

    releasing this in Victoria is genius, as Sydney electricity prices would make it obvious that even your 13 liter V8 is cheaper to run than charging this puppy up at home

      I don't know much about NSW power prices but seems from what I could find they are about 4-8c per KWh more than Victoria. Which means it will cost you an extra $1 - $2 to charge in NSW.

        I'm in NSW andwhen you're paying 800 a quarter for power, it's pretty damn expensive when your household doesn't earn that much, it's rather unacceptable that close to 200 dollars of that isn't even for the usage, that's for the privilege of using/accessing it...

          $800 per quarter for power vs whatever it costs in fuel per week. My car costs at least $60 per Week. 720 per quarter. Thats JUST in fuel for the car.

          I dont know what planet you live on, but theres no way your combustion engine car is cheaper vs this electric for fuel / power.

          I'll take the electric thanks.

            You can have the electric car, not all of us can go out and get a loan for that much or have the straight up cash to buy these things. Please don't be so ignorant towards others.

          $800 a quarter???? Wow.. I only pay less than $300 a quarter.

          Try turning stuff off when you go to bed and leave for work etc..

            Everythings off when I go to bed apart from the modem, cordless phone, fridge and one or two other small appliances, like my alarm clock.. I don't leave anything on standby..

            It's a joke, we're only a 3 person family.. Friends of mine in larger families who have more appliances running 24x7 have a lower bill, we even had Origin/Country Energy change the meter over, it dropped the bill a bit and then the oven went and we then dropped the bill about another 150.

            try installing solar. we put in a 3.2kw system and our power bill went from well over $400 to about $100 a quater. total cost of about $3k it will have paid for itself in less than 3 years. solar is much cheaper than it used to be. if I had my choice I'd have gone for a 4 or 5kw system and we'd not be paying anything for our power.

    It's too expensive, but I admire the concept. Fossil fuels are going to run out eventually, and when that happens you have two options - an electric car powered by renewable source, or buy a horse. Horses are cool but I think the running costs are higher.

    Australia has one of the cheapest electricity prices in the world. I dont understand people like paul above who thinks it will be expensive to use electricity to power their car. Some basic maths should work out that petrol is much much much more expensive

    Cheaper? Sure. Cleaner? Certainly?

    ...As much fun as my VW GTI?

    ....Wake me when it's interesting. ;-)

      Same here (fellow VW GTI driver). That's why I'm awaiting the Tesla Model S coming to Australia.

      Then you might like the current Wheels Car of the Year, the Honda CR-Z, although I can't imagine a Golf GTI being too much fun in the first place. It has a lower power-to-weight ratio than a base model Ford Falcon.

    Whoever buys this car is an idiot. Buy something else for $30k and use the other $30k to put fuel in it for the next 10 years...

    Oh and there is nothing Holden about this car. Fully built and imported from overseas, with a Holden badge! Just like everything else they "sell" apart from the Commodore....and even then....

      Holden also build the Cruze here and were responsible for designing and engineering the Cruze hatch for global markets, but don't let the facts get in the way of your rant.

    At work we are trialling the Mitsubishi i-MiEV as part of the Vic Govs Electric vehicle trial
    a small piece of crap really.

    Like driving a smart car, that is not smart.....or safe, or a car!

    I saw one of these Volts on the road along Koornang Road, Carnegie about 2 weeks ago. It was a left hand drive - took off fairly quick from a standing start. Looked very nice!

    Also it is not a normal power point plug/socket

    Factor that into the cost of running maybe as well!

      Yes it is. It needs a special set-up for rapid charging from 110 volts in the US but AFAIK it will plug straight into a normal socket here. You can even check the recharging status via your smartphone.

    With no petrol excise, no roads.

      Good point Nathan. From memory (the Australian government started
      the 'world parity pricing' system (I think it was Malcolm Frazers
      government)for calculating fuel pricing in Australia. What they
      didn't seem to tell us at the time was world actually meant
      Singapore. Pricing is based on Tapis, not west Texas crude or the
      mean of all world crude prices. They did this when oil prices
      dropped through the floor and as a result their tax take would have
      been greatly lessened. In those days they couldn't just approve
      another million poker machines so as to quickly make up the
      shortfall. 'Coincidentally', Tapis is the more expensive. I think
      that a goodly chunk, ie the majority of excise, goes into general
      revenue, not roads. Anyway it will all be soon a moot point. The
      way our tax system is going it won't be long before my salary is
      paid directly to the ATO, who will then ask that I write to them
      and put forward a proposal as to why I should get any back so as to

    They're trying to make up for lack of sales in America. Also a base model ford focus gets 600km on a tank, and that's half the price....
    If anyone buys a hybrid... Shoot yourself. Go hydrogen or stay petrol. Hybrids do more damage than anything.

    No Price Has Been Announced!!!!!

    $60k is only speculation!

    Australia has some of the cheapest electricity prices in the world?? Im not sure what Australia you are talking about but the Australia most people know (Koalas, kangaroos, throw another shrimp on the Barbie) has some of the worlds HIGHEST electricity prices. http://www.climatespectator.com.au/news/australian-electricity-prices-among-world-s-highest-report

    Everyone is talking about Electric Vs Petrol. Small european turbo diesel - heaps of power heaps of fun and runs on the smell of an oily rag. I currently drive a turbo diesel Land Rover and a CV8 Monaro (5.7 litre so my green gredentials are a bit brown around the edges). I agree with others re the price. I am sick of being ripped off in this country (now buy everything I can online). You can currently buy low K Bentley Continental GT's and Jag sports for bugger all in the UK - try and import one - impossible.

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