Hilarious Before-And-After Portraits Of Kids Show The Horrors Of Oral Surgery

I went through oral surgery more than a month ago and I still have nightmares featuring the cracks deep inside my skull as my dentist struggled to break a huge molar again, and again, and again. That's why these before-and-after portraits of kids make me cringe — but it also makes me laugh.

They perfectly summarise the horror that is required to go through oral surgery. It will reduce anyone, from kids to Chuck Norris, to a miserable piece of wasted and sad human meat bag.

The photos were taken by photographer Andy Brown during for the Children's Hospital in Sheffield, UK.

These portraits show children immediately before and after a surgical procedure to have teeth removed. They were asked to pose for the second picture even though they were recovering from general anaesthetic.

You can read more about that project here. [Andy Brown via It's Nice That via PetaPixel]

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