Here's Proof Windows Phone 7.8 Will Look Great

Following Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 reveal, plenty of owners were salty over what they considered the ultimate betrayal: not a single Windows Phone on the market was eligible for the super upgrade. But please, don't fret! The consolation prize is awesome.

If you can't get Windows Phone 8, many of you can still upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8. That's good news, as it includes the most visual (and perhaps most functional) part of the 8.0 software -- the clever new start screen -- and will be available for "old" devices like the Lumia 900. You'll be able to resize your tiles with all the grace and agility that wowed us so much last week, making your phone's face more personal and graphically friendly than any other smartphone out there. This is arguably the best part of Windows Phone 8's software bounty, so watch the video above, clutch your current Windows Phone tight, and realise the two of you still have some bright days ahead. Until you buy a new one with Windows Phone 8 on it. [Windows Phone YouTube]


    Will it still have the "App List" when you slide the home screen from right to left?

      yes. It just looks like they're not displaying the arrow anymore.

        Thanks Mick but are you sure? (find out with the update). I don't want to lose that list, otherwise the whole WPhone becomes iOS expect with tiles instead of icons.

          It will definitely have it, however new users will have no idea how to find apps they don't have pinned now.

            A sideways swipe gets the app list on windows phone 7.5, so no reason to lose that. And hey, even android and ios users know how to swipe sideways for more icons.

    Will 7.8 fix the application dehydration/hydration that keeps draining my battery if I don't close everything before locking my phone?
    Will 7.8 bring compatability with Windows 8 apps?
    Will 7.8 come to Nokia phones anytime soon? Tethering was "coming soon" before the Lumia's were even released in Aus.

    I have zero interest in the visual upgrade, I want the functional upgrades that I have been ripped off with as a customer on my near brand new phone. If I had a2 month old android device, I would get these upgrades although I might have to wait a while, if I had an iPhone I would definitely get these upgrades on a 2 month old device, possibly missing this years new gimmick feature. Windows phone? I get a skin.

      Boo-hoo. Would you still want WP8 if it brought your single-core processor to its knees? This looks like exactly the kind of functional upgrade you are talking about.

      FWIW, I have a lot of inconsistency in my battery life but I have done a lot of testing and I am positive it has nothing to do with apps. What I have discovered is that if I charge my phone through my laptop's USB, I always get two or three days out of it but if I charge it any other way, I sometimes only barely get through a day and never get more than a day and a bit, so I think it might have something to do with the way it charges. I never had this problem with my Samsung Focus, it has only been an issue since I got my Lumia 800, so I'm blaming Nokia, not MS.

        I charge HTC trophy 7 regularly on the computer or/and from the powerpoint and depending on usage, mine usually lasts 2-3 days. I wouldn't be so quick to blame MS.

        If I leave an application open and lock it, the application doesn't dehydrate properly and I'll have no battery left in an hour or two when I check it again. This isn't just bad coding on third party apps either, I left my phone in MS Word yesterday and had to charge it by 10am.

        If I quit applications I have no problem. Definitely a problem with multi tasking.

          What application is that then? If the dev hasn't properly freed unnecessary resources on dehydration, you can't blame the o/s..

            Microsoft Word was the one yesterday as I said. So yea, back to blaming Microsoft?

        Oh and as for the single core argument, exactly what was the point of even selling 1.4Ghz and 1.5Ghz phones? Might as well of just left the old 1Ghz hardware on market, at least customers wouldn't feel jaded their brand new phone has just been killed off.

    1 - unsure
    2 - no
    3 - 7.8 will be rolled out to all phones running 7.5.

    On the note of tethering the problem isn't microsoft's there. Nokia and the other handset manufacturers have to issue the update in order for your phone to make use of the feature. I have an HTC Mozart and I didn't get tethering until I applied the latest update from HTC, not from Microsoft.

    People always whinge about there being less apps, to be fair, most of the apps I need were pre-built into wp7, I don't need 500 versions of foursquare or 20 angry bird clones. I've seriously never run into the problem of wanting an app that does something that I can't find at least one version of on the marketplace. I don't see app segregation as a big deal.

    I have the most basic HTC wp7 pro that I got as soon as it was available in Aus (it's about a year and a bit old now) and it still runs all the things on wp7 flawlessly, I don't get bugs or glitches or anything.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Am I the only one that preferred the off-centre appearance of tiles, and the arrow with the black strip? To me that not only looked cooler, but it made it instantly obvious to swipe in that direction to access the app list.

    I do like the feature of resizable tiles, but it's a shame it's come at the expense of losing an intuitive and unique looking layout.

      It was better design. But Microsoft have taken in feedback from the unwashed masses who called it wasted space.

      I agree. I think Windows Phone 7 is/was a very elegant and simple OS. Windows Phone 8 looks messy and more like Android (customisable/resizable widgets). I thought Windows Phone 7 was a great contender to the iPhone, but looks like Microsoft is moving away from a simply intuitive interface and moving into Android territory. Note the people more likely to comment and request changes to an OS are the more technical users, which does not make up the general population. Whilst for me the iPhone is too simply, I do understand that it targets the general population not users like me, hence why it has been so successful.

        If you want simple, don't change the tile size.

        Just because you CAN change the tile size, doesn't mean you HAVE to.

    WTF is this dehydration/hydration about? Like we need yet another "cool" buzzword for an app loading/unloading from memory. Some moron thinks loss/gain of water applies to smart phones.

    Must be just me but I really like having a nice wallpaper, widgets I can change and a more customisable home screen than a series of tiles. Call me Mr. Whippy but doesn't the tiled screen get boring?

      That's what Microsoft call it when the app saves state and is "in theory" supposed to stop using memory and processor so it doesn't drain your battery while your phone is locked or in another app multitasking.

      Doesn't work so well for phone locked.

      Actually, the hydration/rehydration is a standard term in computing/processing.

      It isn't something that MS just made up for WP7, it's in a number of iPhone tut's I've seen, and I've heard it referenced often in distributed processing for server jobs.

      Well, spank me with a wet feather and call me Boris. Thanks for the informative answer. Never heard it before and it still sounds silly. Another phrase to stick in the memory banks. Thanks for the helpful (wink, wink) answers.

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