Google+ Events Wants To Make Your Friends Feel Special

Google+ Events Wants To Make Your Friends Feel Special

You know when you get a Facebook invite for some party or event and it just feels empty? Google wants to fix that with Google+ events. Can cinemagraphs, calendar integration and other flashy tricks to make the people you invite feel like they’re really having a good time?

First of all, Google+ wants to fix invitations. Sometimes the mass invitations we get online seem cold and impersonal. Google thinks cinemagrams will change that. Do you agree?

Calendar integration is key. Google Calendar is a huge planning tool, and if events are integrated with the event, that means that you can immediately check to see if you’re free and respond to the invitation immediately. When you say yes, it instantly shows up in your Google Calendar.

There’s also photo integration: Photos are automatically added to the event and there are multiple ways to view the events. Furthermore, after the event, it doesn’t just die. You can add photos after the fact so it compiles everything from everyone who attended and added photos. What a nice little document.

Rad! Now if only people actually used Google+