Google Collecting Endangered Languages Before They Go Extinct

The internet is all about communication, but unfortunately, it's putting a lot of languages at risk of extinction by promoting more commonly spoken languages. It's sad that we're losing that culture. Google's stepping up to make sure they're not lost from the face of the earth altogether.

The Endangered Languages Project is a new hub that will provide comprehensive information and updates about the 3000 languages that are on the verge of extinction. Working with non-profits and research institutions, the project will compile manuscripts, audio, video and other materials that show the languages in action. There will also be links to articles and interactive tools like the map you see in the screen grab above. Languages come and go — it's part of history — but that doesn't mean they've got to be forgotten. [Endangered Languages Project via Google via Engadget]


    So... is Google building a modern version of the 'Great Library of Alexandria'?

    Hopefully the English language will be added to this list!

    Next person I talk to that actually speaks the word "LOL" instead of laughing out load will be receiving a boot to the cranium!

      Agree totally, and what with all the idiots who say "oh em gee" ... its have the same number of syllable as "oh my god"... saying "oh em gee" doesnt gain anything but make you sound a douche. where as we can say "Aye tee em" instead of "automatic teller machine"

    Looking ar the state of the world, I see that we cant even communicate with each other now, why even bother!

    I just wonder what Google has up its sleeve for the impending apocalypse, since that of course threatens the human race and any mark we have left with our existing presence, or am I foolish to question the power of a hard drive?

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