Beautiful Products: Speakers That Look Like Rocket Engines, Bowls Made Of Money And More

Beautiful Products: Speakers That Look Like Rocket Engines, Bowls Made Of Money And More

Apple kicked off the week with another epic keynote. Beautiful products, indeed. But we also eyegasmed while looking at giant Balls, A remote truck stop, piles of cash, and a crack-pipe-chic lamp. Here’s a look at this week’s aesthetic porn.

This Double-Handled Caraffe is Obviously Designed For Serious Dinner Hosts

Do your friends talk about your epic dinner parties weeks after the event is over? If so, and you fancy yourself a master of preparing and serving a meal, this lovely glass caraffe will have you topping off water glasses like an industrial machine on a factory assembly line.

You can forget about… More »

Money Is Beautiful, Lots and Lots of Money Is Pure Art

Brazilian artist Rodrigo Torres has finally found away to improve upon the already gorgeous sight of a pile of cold hard cash: delicately crafted cut collages of currency from all over the world. More »

"This is The Piece of Equipment That I Built to Make Big Wooden Balls"

There is something about a giant sphere that conjures thoughts of cosmic mystery. But this particular sphere is made out of the most earthly and primitive of materials-wood.

The Big Wooden Ball Project, by Mike Leuis, features artist Keith Holamon, who created his own method for building… More »

Stylish Table Lamp or Elaborate Crack Pipe?

Traditionally a lampshade is put in place to lessen the intensity of a lightbulb. In the case of Michaela Tomišková’s Hadovka Lamp, the lampshade is merely there to accent the light, blending in with the all-glass body of the lamp. More »

Is this the World’s Most Beautiful Truck Stop?

The truck weigh station, a common sighting when driving down the highway, is often a nondescript building, if not just an eyesore. But this weigh station in Norway, which fits perfectly into its natural environment, just looks like a lovely spot to hang out and weigh trucks.

Situated on an isolated… More »

This Bench Looks Like It Has Wheels for Legs

Maybe it’s not a shocking revelation that a wooden bench used to be a tree, but the reason this bench is such a surprising piece of furniture is precisely because it confronts that reality head on. More »

Designer Fly Trap Is a Stunningly Beautiful Way to Murder Bugs

If for some reason you feel guilty whenever you off a mosquito or other annoying bug, this beautifully sculpted fly trap should ease your pain. Because we can’t imagine a more elegant or soothing place for insects to meet their demise.

But Acase’s $80 InaTrap isn’t just about looks. More »

All the Private Space You’ll Ever Need, In One Little Box

Everyone needs (or demands) their own bit of defensible space. In an increasingly urbanizing world with living conditions becoming ever more dense, that space may not amount to much. More »

If Astronauts Designed Speakers in the 1960s, They’d Look Like This

The Eclipse TD508 Mk3 speakers are the cure for the epidemic of boring black boxes. If they weren’t so compact they’d look like the they might blast off their stands. More »

These Bowls Required Thousands of Dollars to Be Manufactured. Literally

There has long been the expression that things are “made of money.” But it’s not everyday that you come across something actually made of money, like this set of Money Bowls. More »