GAME Sale Now Gets You 60% Off

As the GAME ship sinks further and further into the ocean of liquidation, it's looking to offload as much cargo as possible. Sure it's sad, but who said you can't benefit from the misery of others? You can now score a discount of 60% on some merchandise.

The 60% special can be scored both online and in store. Get to taking advantage! [Kotaku]


    if they were really looking to offload as much as they could, they would discount everything.

    Get Fit With Mel B is $2 after %60 code!

      About $5 too expensive


        although i did pick up, dead sapce 2, mw2, fear 2, NFS shift2, far cry 2 all for $46 .....not bad

        P.S. Who was the troll that stole the last copy of arkham asylum , it was in my cart but vanished at checkout :(

    I developed a bit of a soft spot for GAME. EB rarely prices their pre-owned PS2 games reasonably, but GAME always seemed to have them priced to go, so I ended up nabbing a good many PS2 titles for quite the bargain from GAME.

      Ps2? Its 2012 and we are knocking on the ps4's door!!!

        Doesn't make it any less fun - I still play my PS2 regularly (it was my first games console, and I received it towards the end of its life).

        P.S. Good component cables make the PS2 look really quite decent on HDTV.

    Does not apply to already discounted items. The Old Republic is discounted by a pathetic $5.95 already, from $79.95 to $74.00, therefore it doesn't apply. Shittest sale.

      I was giving these guys too much credit and thought that it applied to all items and you just use the 60off code at checkout. As that seemed logical. Looked at the available sale products for PC, there are 9 titles. No wonder these guys went out of business, even their insolvency administrators are fucking plebs.

    Just had a quick look at their website at what's on sale.

    I want that 30 seconds of my life back!!!

    I managed to pick up The Darkness 2 for $28.

    Down from $109.95.

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